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Christian Parenting Advice: Deliberately Overflow Your Child’s Faith Pool

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! As you likely know, Christians these days are quite distressed over how quickly teens and young adults are leaving the faith. One guy’s written what he claims will absolutely help parents keep their kids Christian for life. It amounts to instructions for the deliberate construction of a faith pool in a child’s mind. […]

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#ExvangelicalCatchphrases (LSP #27)

Reading Time: 6 minutes An Exvangelical is someone who has walked away from evangelical Christianity, similar to how an ex-Christian is someone who has deconverted from the religion entirely. And they’re a thing now, with Facebook groups and podcasts and Twitter gatherums and everything! Today, Lord Snow Presides over #ExvangelicalCatchphrases!

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(Christians Are Not) The Designated Adult.

Reading Time: 11 minutes (CN: Domestic violence, abuse, gaslighting.) Hi and welcome back! We’re cruising right into the weekend, aren’t we? Last time we talked, I touched briefly on the way that Christians often insist on adjudicating and judging people’s lives and personal decisions. In response to a blogger who wrote that Christians’ hypocrisy was no excuse for not […]

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The Unequally Yoked Club: The Real Threat.

Reading Time: 11 minutes Last time we talked about how church leaders and teachers have been pushing the false idea for years that marriages must be “based on Jesus” or else terrible things will happen to the couples involved. Today we’ll talk about some of those terrible things, and then we’ll talk about the real reason that these leaders […]