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Christians’ Narrative Around Deconversion Isn’t Helping Them

Reading Time: 8 minutes I recently caught an interesting YouTube video by Seth Andrews (‘The Thinking Atheist’). It shows people who’ve left Christianity talking about why they left. And it got me thinking about the drastically-different narrative that toxic Christians spin about people who leave their ranks — and why they create such narratives. Today, let me show you a contrast to the simple truths shown in this video: an article by a conspiracy-theory-addled Christian who desperately needs ex-Christians to conform to a script he created.

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Deconversion: Christian Parents Did NOTHING Wrong! (LSP #157)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello and welcome to a very special episode of Lord Snow Presides! Lately, we’ve been talking about the battle plans of toxic Christians. Those plans center around forcibly indoctrinating babies. Well, in discussing those plans George Barna revealed another tactic he has in mind: who to blame when those plans fail. He wants to blame Christian parents for […]

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Christian Lies About Deconversion–and EXTIMONY TIME AHOY! (LSP #39)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Christians sure have a lot of theories about deconversion, namely about why people are rejecting their sales pitches. Sure, most of those theories are wrong, but they can’t have everything. After I show you some of those theories, Lord Snow will be presiding over a very special episode: EXTIMONY TIME AHOY. If you’ve been thinking about sharing how you deconverted, then here is your chance.

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Captain Cassidy’s (Big Ol’ Huge) Deconversion.

Reading Time: 13 minutes In this blog’s first year, I spent a few months outlining all the different elements that went into my deconversion. I haven’t formally talked much about it since. Now, here, I want to put my deconversion ex-timony into one post. Here’s how–and more importantly why–I deconverted from Christianity, and why I won’t ever go back to it or any other religion.

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