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Hate-group leader wants Christian schools to expel children of gay parents

Reading Time: 4 minutes During a recent interview on Liberty Counsel’s “Liberty Pastors” show, the hate-group’s president Mat Staver explained that Christian schools should ban children with gay parents. Why go after the kids? Because exposing other students to well-adjusted and kind classmates with gay parents might lead students to think gay people are well-adjusted and kind… and that […]

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Government announces more than £2 million in funding enabling religious take-over of yet more schools

Reading Time: 3 minutes Man, the UK government sucks. Big time. This is from Humanists UK: Humanists UK has expressed alarm about the potential for a religious power-grab in schools with and without a religious character after the UK Government announced it is allocating more than £2 million in funding to increase the number of schools in faith academies […]

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Op-ed: Government & Religion

Reading Time: 5 minutes IN November the UK Government launched an Independent Faith Engagement Review, headed by the Director of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, Colin Bloom, above. The review into ‘how best the government should engage with faith groups in England’ concluded on December 11. The consultation prompted Professor John Radford, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of East London, […]

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Research Busts Faith School Academic Excellence Myth

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have previously written several articles laying out the problems with making the claim (particularly in the UK context) that faith schools are better for one reason or another: Are Faith Schools Better? An Issue of Correlation vs Causation Taxpayers Effectively Completely Fund Faith Schools ‘Faith’ schools three times more socially selective than others, new […]

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School admissions appeal system worsens inequalities and increases social segregation, new report finds

Reading Time: 2 minutes This unsurprising news is from Humanists UK. I will be writing something connected to this later today that people are oddly completely unaware of: The chances of parents getting a child into their first choice of school via the appeals process ‘varies considerably by family background, ethnicity, and pupil attainment at primary school,’ according to […]

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