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Congress to IRS: It’s time to decide what is a church, and what is not

Reading Time: < 1 minute Christian organizations like James Dobson’s Family Research Council (FRC) have recently taken action to reclassify themselves as churches—and the IRS has obliged. Now Congress would like to know why. Other non-church ministries granted “church” status include the Daystar network, even though they do not meet the clear IRS definition of a church, which is grounded […]

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Democrats to IRS: Investigate groups that falsely claim to be ‘churches’

Reading Time: 6 minutes Congressional Democrats are calling on the IRS to investigate why it allows groups like the Family Research Council, a Christian hate-group that is most certainly not a church, to reclassify themselves as “churches,” presumably to avoid transparency. In FRC’s case, it’s technically an “association of churches,” but the distinction is meaningless in the eyes of […]

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A Biblical Worldview: Toxic Christians’ Self-Serving Definition

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Earlier, we talked about Joe Battaglia’s book Make America Good Again. As we discovered, it’s chock-full of culture-war talking points disguised in a thick slathering of Christianese. So we spent a few days talking about Christianese. For today’s entry, I’d already planned to discuss this phrase. But then, a Christian leader […]

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Chick-Fil-A Meltdown: Evangelicals Are Giving Us the Most Glorious Meltdown EVER!

Reading Time: 12 minutes Before, I thought Mike Huckabee’s 2015 tantrum over rainbow Doritos was the most awesomely funny evangelical meltdown ever. But no, it turns out that that title belongs to the millions of self-appointed Designated Adults in evangelicalism freaking out over their favorite virtue-signaling fast-food seller, Chick-fil-A (CFA), mayyyybe not being quite as bigoted as they used to be.