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You don’t have to ‘be fruitful and multiply’: More Americans having just one child

Reading Time: 7 minutes For much of history, “only children” were rare. Whether due to religious traditions, lack of birth control, cultural norms, or the simple need for manual labor, women commonly gave birth to numerous children. Having multiples also offset the common childhood deaths resulting from harsh conditions of life. In 1800, American women typically had seven to […]

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How my kids met me one age at a time

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Twenty-eight!” “Twenty-eight…oh, that’s a good one.” Despite living with him for 13 years, I knew very little about my dad. He worked three jobs and traveled a lot. When he was in town, he came home exhausted from a hundred-mile round-trip commute. I didn’t even know he was a nonbeliever until long after his death […]

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Study: Childhood Trauma Affects People for Years

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi and welcome back! Today’s story might not be all that surprising, but it definitely bears mention. A long-term study (link) has revealed that childhood traumas and bad experiences can linger with us for our entire lives. Since we talk a lot around here about being raised in authoritarian religious households, I thought this study […]

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Paul Petersen: A New Hypocrite Illustrating Old Flaws

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! Long ago, we established that Christian hypocrites in elected positions behaving badly no longer qualified as weird enough to remark upon, right? But this one all but cries out for our attention here. His case exposes some deep and old flaws in his end of Christianity. This one’s got it all: […]