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What we talk about when we talk about hijab—a view from Tehran

Reading Time: 9 minutes Like all people called to witness the unraveling of history as it happens, I am plagued more than anything by anxiety, a child of uncertainty. The tidy parade of events in history books belies the fact that those living through it do not know how their chapter will end. Will the chaos in Iran breed anything but further chaos? Will everything fall apart?

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This fundamentalist Christian mom’s chart condemning ‘Feminists’ is bonkers

Reading Time: 2 minutes For several years now, Christian blogger and professional mommy-shamer Lori Alexander (“The Transformed Wife”) has used her platform to decry feminists. Those rants occasionally go viral. But her latest attempt to separate feminists from Proper Christian Women™ is just comically bizarre. Keep in mind that the left column—the “Feminists” column—is meant to be the bad […]

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The leading edge of social justice is secular

Reading Time: 5 minutes As Israeli soldiers and settlers continue to brutalize, humiliate, and kill Palestinians with impunity, there is one major human rights organization in Israel documenting and protesting these crimes: B’Tselem. Given that B’Tselem is a humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting for justice, human rights, and the alleviation of suffering, you might think it is a religious […]

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Handmaid Danger Fading

Reading Time: 2 minutes By James A. Haught The Handmaid’s Tale – a grotesque novel about a fundamentalist takeover that turns part of America into a cruel theocracy called Gilead – rang a worldwide bell when published in 1985. The vivid book by Canadian Margaret Atwood sold eight million copies and was made into a Hulu television series that […]