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Christian school forfeits football game against team with two girls on roster

Reading Time: 4 minutes Valley Christian Academy, a religious school in Santa Maria, California, said it would forfeit an upcoming football game rather than play an opposing team that has two girls on the roster. It’s not the first time they’ve done this sort of thing, either. The game in question doesn’t take place until October 29, but it’ll […]

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How the NYT botched its coverage of the Supreme Court’s football prayer case

Reading Time: 8 minutes The New York Times‘ hit podcast The Daily published what should have been a straightforward episode on Wednesday morning about a controversial church/state separation case in front of the Supreme Court. Instead, they screwed up basic facts and leaned heavily on the Christian side of the debate. The case in question is Kennedy v. Bremerton […]

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A TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Coach Reminds Us That Shaming Doesn’t Work (LSP #46)

Reading Time: 10 minutes If you haven’t heard of Dave Daubenmire, he is every single thing you need to know to know that Christianity is a terrible religion that produces terrible people. Today I’ll show you the latest crazypants thing he’s gotten up to. He might have failed at his #1 task in life (raising a good future adult), but he sure ain’t letting that stop him.

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Super Bowl 50’s True Believer

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Boston, MA Bret Anderton, 32 years old and father of three, sits in his La-Z-Boy and waits to see Tom Brady and the New England Patriots take the field in Super Bowl 50. Even though the game doesn’t start until 6:35 EST, Bret’s heart knows that Tom Brady may appear like a thief in the […]

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NFL Fan Thinks, “Them Terrorists Got Peyton Manning.”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Indianapolis, Indiana  NFL super-fan, Jerome Wilder cracks open a can of his favorite domestic beer and thinks, “Them ISIS fellas got to Peyton Manning, and are destroying the American way of life — the NFL.” Jerome had heard that al-Jazeera broke the story on how Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning supposedly used human growth hormone (HGH) to amp […]

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