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Addercadabra! Patagonian fossils do not suggest God cursed snakes.

Reading Time: 5 minutes THE religious news site Faithwire (motto: ‘Inform. Challenge. Inspire.’) reports that a newly-found fossil snake ‘backs up Genesis‘, as the fossil ‘indicates snakes had legs’. The Jerusalem Post similarly teases its readers with the headline ‘Is the Bible right? Newly discovered fossils show snakes had legs‘. The fossil in question, of a snake-like creature called […]

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The exactitude of human evolution up in the air

Reading Time: 5 minutes So human evolution in its African context has been hotly researched, but the research is necessarily slow. Fossil digs take a ling time and are few and far between. New finds from 2000 onwards in Georgia are throwing a lot of theories up in the air. What were once thought to be different species of early human ancestors might have been variations in the same species. As the Guardian reports:

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New Carnivorous Dinosaur from Madagascar Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Reading Time: 3 minutes The great thing about fossil discoveries is that they fit, and are often predicted. Case in point here. However, as with this find, many questions are raised. Silly people go, “Aha! A question! My, this can only be answered by positing ‘God’!”

Of course, clever people leave it to science. Which is good at coming up trumps and answering stuff…

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