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The GOP has become the party of liars

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’ve watched with morbid fascination as an entire American political party—the GOP—has slid, apparently irretrievably, into a deep well of ethical relativism and easily debunked lies. The vast majority of Republicans have clearly decided that virtually nothing is wrong if it aligns with what Donald Trump desires—although the former president’s Teflon coating appears to be […]

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On Rittenhouse’s acquittal

Reading Time: 9 minutes “The idea of citizens arming themselves to supplement the police, when the police are being too casual with protestors, when the police aren’t being fascist enough.  That’s not anything I thought I’d see in my lifetime in this country. It feels like a really dark place; it feels like a really really dark moment.” – […]

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Jim Acosta Rips into FOX Disinformation

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is so necessary. Also, full of winning puns.   Stay in touch! Like A Tippling Philosopher on Facebook: A Tippling Philosopher You can also buy me a cuppa. Or buy some of my awesome ATP merchandise! Please… It justifies me continuing to do this!

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Kinzinger’s Family Letter: God, the GOP and Conservative Media

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are three legs to the stool upon which public opinion over Trump and the impeachment sits: God, the GOP as a tribal entity, and conservative media in its incurably rabid form. Nothing exemplifies this more acutely than the letter that Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican House Representative who voted to impeach Trump, received from […]

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