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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inPolitics

Is the Net Closing in for Trump?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Trump has been under enormous pressure from every conceivable angle you could imagine, but he remains almost impervious as far as his core voting bloc and the Republicans in both houses are concerned, it seems. Senator Lindsey Graham appears to have gone back on his word from the impeachment proceedings of Bill Clinton (and shows […]

Posted inSatire

Bill O’Reilly Blames God; God Answers Back

Reading Time: < 1 minute What I enjoyed about God Responds To Bill O’Reilly is seeing how not Bill O’Reilly is like the biblical Job. Job’s kids were killed. He had horrible diseases placed on him. And through it all he wouldn’t curse God. He just wanted to know why? Bill O’Reilly gets a few lawsuits and he’s crying like a baby. […]

Posted inPolitics

FOX News Is At It Again

Reading Time: < 1 minute FOX News is biased. Yes, we know that. And we know that MSNBC is almost as biased the other way. But these montage videos really show this in simple detail (these are facebook embedded videos, so some people might have adblockers or work site blockers – you might need to wait a few seconds for them […]

Posted inPolitics, Satire

Celebrating Bill O’Reilly No Longer Being A Factor

Reading Time: 2 minutes See, the joke is that Bill O’Reilly’s show was (note the past tense) The O’Reilly Factor. *insert laugh track from 1983*   Now that FOX News fired the man who launched a thousand alt-right ships, let’s take a minute to appreciate the same market forces that pushed him off the air are also strangling TJ Kirk’s […]

Posted inPolitics

Fox News Is Brainwashing Viewers And Hurting The Republican Party

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ploiticsusa has released this article which reinforces what I have said before (in the thread).

A new study has found that Fox News is hurting the Republican Party by brainwashing millions of angry conservatives with misinformation.

In a new study of the Fox News effect by Bruce Bartlett, research was collected that demonstrated the negative impact of Fox News on media and politics.

Posted inThe Secular

FOX stoop to new lows

Reading Time: < 1 minute Urghhh. This was so painful to watch. They should be had up in court for misinforming and mischaracterising. This is evil propaganda of the worst sort. What can be done about it? It’s so depressing that such a widely watched channel can spew forth such vitriolic nonsense. I am angry now. Thanks FOX.

Posted inUncategorized

Bill O’Reilly is #killingjesus Scholarship–A Short Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes This week the next big book in Jesus scholarship hit the stores. Well, I guess it’s big in the sense that it is attached to a well-known name, Fox News’ host/anchor/pundit Bill O’Reilly. Earlier I had heard about his book, Killing Jesus, which was a bit easy to make fun with since the artwork for the cover suggested who the murder was, and his previous major book with a similar title, Killing Lincoln, was considered so riddled with factual errors that Lincoln-connected museums were not willing to sell it.

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