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What might a secular humanist view on economics be?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Taxonomically, my family is Freethinker (including atheists, skeptics, agnostics), my genus is Humanist (including the religion-based), and my species is Secular.” — John Rafferty ECONOMY, n. Purchasing the barrel of whiskey that you do not need for the price of the cow that you cannot afford. Amrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary Economics is understandably a […]

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Understanding the contradictions of the EU through the misunderstanding of Brexiteers

Reading Time: 5 minutes A lot of people don’t really understand the EU, which was always going to make a referendum on the UK’s membership, like Brexit, something of a problem. Opposition to the EU can come in broadly two different forms. First, you have the small-government advocates who are anti-immigration and pro-free market. This is generally the right-wing […]

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What Do Some People Have Against the Environment?

Reading Time: 8 minutes For some reason, the environment is a trigger idea for right-wingers. The problem is that, as I have stated a number of times, the right takes free-market economics very seriously, but free-market economics cannot arbitrate for negative externalities. Negative Externalities What this means is that, if a company wants to make widgets, they have costs […]

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“Socialism Is Evil”; Yeah, Not a Good Time to Be a Libertarian…

Reading Time: 4 minutes Socialism is evil! Venezuela! Communism! CORONAVIRUS… Government, please bail us out! Please help us! Let’s work together to make sure of this and of that… Let’s nationalise private healthcare provision in the short term… Let’s…Let’s… I’ve heard assaults democratic socialism, social democracies, mixed economies – the lot – over the years from members of the […]

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On Campaign Finance Reform

Reading Time: 9 minutes This comment was from Cajun Exile, on this thread here in response to this video. I’ll post it and then reply interlinearly. It received a torrent of upvotes from people, back at whatever forum this guy came from, who piled in with their groupthink upvoting – a very common behaviour with the gun rights and small […]

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Regulation, Negative Externalities & Vacuum Cleaners. Again.

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’ve written on this exact subject before, but there’s nothing like repeating myself! Regulation is often seen as contrary to libertarian or conservative principles and against economic flourishing in providing barriers to trade, erected by interfering governments. But, as I have mentioned before, the free market cannot account for negative externalities. This means that, if […]

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Bernie Sanders, the Tax Cut, The Deficit and Medicare

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bernie Sanders can see into the future. He predicted exactly what is happening. Watch this. It is a facebook video that I cannot find on YouTube, but turn off your facebook blockers and check the prescience. Republicans, once fiscal conservatives, used to attack Democrats on their spending. The hilarious hypocrisy is pretty hilarious: Here, Politico […]

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The Armed Forces and Their Remit, Corporations, and Morality

Reading Time: 9 minutes As many of you know, my self-declared remit here is quite wide. I post on many topics from philosophy of religion through to the social and psychological aspects of religion, from philosophy in general through to politics, economics, morality and beyond. Hopefully, this makes reading the blog a wide and varied thing and appeals to a […]

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Wikipedia, the Free Market and Libertarianism

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is perhaps one of my favourite quotes from a libertarian free marketeer when I originally posted my articles critiquing free market economics. It’s an awesome quote, so I thought I would repost it: Copy and paste this into your web browser, what comes up? Wikipedia. Knew it! That is the same Marxist manipulated controlled […]

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