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Verbose Stoic on my Free Will Chapter (II)

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a previous post, I detailed how theistic commenter here, Verbose Stoic (VS), has critiqued a chapter of mine on free will commissioned by John Loftus for his book Christianity in the Light of Science. In the first piece, we looked at definitional issues and laid the foundations. In my chapter, I used this example to […]

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Debating Free Will with Verbose Stoic

Reading Time: 10 minutes I sent regular theistic commenter Verbose Stoic (VS) a chapter I was once commissioned to write by John W. Loftus for his anthology Christianity in the Light of Science. VS has written a lengthy critique on his blog here. I have commented a few times there already in answer to some initial grumbles from reading […]

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Debating the Unequal Evidence Problem Again (II)

Reading Time: 9 minutes This is a continuation of my debate with Catholic Paul Hoffer concerning the unfairness in God in apportioning various people different evidences and punishing them (or not rewarding them intrinsically or extrinsically) in so doing. What this means is that either people go to heaven/hell on the basis of their belief in God (or belief […]

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Hard-Incompatibilism vs Hard-Determinism

Reading Time: 3 minutes As I have mentioned, I am presently reading a book by Gregg Caruso and Daniel Dennett called Just Deserts: Debating Free Will [UK]. Sometimes I wonder what to label myself as in terms of the free will debate because it all depends on what you define by the term “free will”. However, I think this passage from Gregg […]

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Sinnott-Armstrong, Unfair Distribution of Evidence for God, Belief, & Free Will

Reading Time: 4 minutes To continue the theme of evidence with relation to convincing believers and non-believers to either maintain their belief or take on belief in God, after the recent set of articles concerning Doubting Thomas, let me bring philosopher Walter Sinnott-Armstrong into play with a quote from his book with William Lane Craig entitled God? A Debate between a Christian […]