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Scaling the summit for religious freedom

Reading Time: 3 minutes What do reproductive rights, marriage equality, and gender-affirming care have in common? We know that they are freedoms that conservatives are trying to strip from everyone, but there is one crucial thread tying them all together. They are all under threat because of a group pushing for Christian supremacy to advance their own interests: Christian […]

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Exciting 50-yard line religious rituals for the upcoming football season

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Chambri scarification ritual of ripping skin open in beautiful decorative patterns with sharp knives and flints. Sticking hands into gloves containing thousands of venomous ants, a Satere-Mawe ritual. The Jewish ritual of Kaparot that involves twirling a live chicken around your head three times, then killing it and giving it to the local poor […]

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How (Not) to Fix Everything: School Prayer Edition.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Often we see Christians offer suggestions that don’t actually help the problems they see. Those suggestions almost always center around giving them back the dominance they have lost and letting them try to recreate the Good Ole Days they think existed back before liberals and feminists wrecked everything. And they don’t usually understand that their suggestions not only don’t work but also highlight endemic issues with their religion.

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We Welcome Ben Carson to the Cult of “Before” Stories.

Reading Time: 10 minutes A long time ago, I wrote a post called “A Cult of “Before” Stories” in which I described what it was like as a young Christian to realize that my then-husband had constructed a testimony full of lies–and how I realized that pretty much all of the really dramatic testimonies I heard from other Christians were largely untrue as well. On the heels of realizing that these stories were untrue, I also began to perceive the unbelievably rich rewards Christians get for concocting and sharing these dramatic testimonies. I began to see my tribe as one that was simply obsessed with these “before” stories–thus, my name for the mindset.

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Priorities, Priorities: Freedom 2015

Reading Time: 10 minutes Sometimes when people can’t possibly achieve a goal, they start setting some downright odd priorities to make themselves feel like they’re getting something done. Lately we’re seeing some of that behavior out of Christians–and it’s another sign that things are getting better (for the rest of us). Misplaced priorities are just part of the dying pains of a major movement. This time it’s not quite as comical–or as harmless–as their apparent war over how brightly-lit their churches should be during services. This time they’re attacking tolerance itself.

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Kim Davis: Right-Wing Theocrats Are Actually Right About One Thing.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Really, the only redeeming feature of these numerous and increasingly-disturbed-sounding predictions is that not only are they not going to happen, but that the people making them are going to have to come to grips with the fact that they made them–because their flocks may be very good indeed at forgetting false predictions, having had lots of practice by now, but the internet never forgets. We’re going to remember these wild-eyed, finger-pointing, spittle-flecked false predictions for a long time to come. And we’re going to be amused to realize something else.

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Reading Time: 5 minutes I’m an American, if anybody hadn’t caught that yet. Today is very special to me because I love my country very much. And I love my country very much because of its guiding principle of individual freedom. Unfortunately, not everyone in my country cherishes that principle.

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