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Why Christian Dishonesty Matters

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hi and welcome back! Yesterday, we covered the so-called Testimony of Josephus. Many Christians think that Josephus provides PROOF YES PROOF that their historical claims are true. However, we discovered that the entire Testimony was inserted centuries later by a pious Christian fraud. The situation got me thinking. Christians’ dishonesty around their lack of evidence […]

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Beach Reach: Followup as Fake Friendship

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! We’re quickly approaching the end of our Beach Reach training. Now, our trainers need us to know how to perform follow-up with our sales marks. Whether we failed or succeeded — though, let’s be honest here, we largely utterly failed — to make any sales, follow-up is critically important to our […]

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Counting the (False) Costs of My Teen Zealotry

Reading Time: 8 minutes As we reviewed evangelist Greg Stier’s three totally-surefire teen evangelism strategies, many of us got angry and saddened — because we’d been exactly the teens he’d have considered major successes. For many of us, though, his strategies caused us only immeasurable grief — first and foremost because evangelists lie freely about exactly what the costs are that we should be counting. Today, I’ll be counting the costs of the zealotry that Greg Stier desperately wants to push onto unwitting evangelical teens. 

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Unchurched: Lee Strobel’s Semi-Sales Reveal the Truth

Reading Time: 6 minutes I noticed something recently about the way he talks about sales success, and now I can’t un-see this very dishonest-seeming way he has of describing what little success he enjoys with his very own strategy. In fact, his few successes can be described better as semi-sales rather than closed deals. Today, let me show you what I saw.

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