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Rotted Fruit: Al Mohler and the Conservative Resurgence

Reading Time: 9 minutes We’ll see how he secured a movement that is so important to him that he will quickly, happily even, destroy millions of people’s lives to protect it. And we’ll see why he’s so intent on protecting it, even after it’s been shown to be so damaging to both his denomination and to millions of people’s lives.

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Clearly This Hypocritical Pastor’s Jesus Aura Was on Point.

Reading Time: 7 minutes Today we’re going to take a brief segue before we plunge into the murky world of Christian prognostication to check out a story that features all the aspects of fundagelicalism that we’ve come to know around here: blatant hypocrisy, illicit sex, and a denouement that is by turns horrifying and baffling. But there’s more going on here than just standard-issue Christian hypocrisy. This story is part of the overarching narrative about exactly why Christianity is failing.

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