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You Were Never Really One of Us

Reading Time: 4 minutes The mind is an amazing thing.  With it, we are capable of solving such complex puzzles and real-world problems!  At the same time, we are capable of shutting out large chunks of data, selecting only those streams of information which fall in line with what we expected to find in the first place.  We call […]

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The Power of Prayer, Part One.

Reading Time: 8 minutes It’s not an exaggeration to say that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people were praying for Daniel’s recovery from brain cancer. He was one of the Big Name Fans in our denomination; we had ties to mission churches all over the world as well. I was one of the people who spent quite some time on her knees praying for Daniel’s recovery. Even Biff, who very rarely prayed anywhere but in church, prayed for him. We were absolutely convinced that God would heal him. Why wouldn’t he?

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Just Another Brick in the Wall (Falls Out)

Reading Time: 7 minutes It was a bright fall day. I walked into a history classroom on the very first day of my junior year of college. The class was about the end of the Roman Empire and beginning of the Dark Ages. I’d had this professor before today and liked her style of teaching, but knew next to […]