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Duck Dynasty Patriarch: God’s Not Dead, and He’s Mad as Hell

Reading Time: 5 minutes This weekend, the Political Action Committee (PAC) Citizens United (yes, that same Citizens United) releases in theaters a new film entitled Torchbearer, a movie aimed at stirring their conservative base into a frightened frenzy, mobilizing them to get out the vote, hoping to use the November election to put conservatives back into the White House before America […]

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FAQ: What Do You Make of “Progressive Revelation?”

Reading Time: 4 minutes I spend a good deal of my time unpacking (and helping friends unpack) the ideas we all learned growing up in church. Many of these ideas are directly damaging (e.g. You’re wicked and deserve to be tortured), while others are indirectly harmful in the way that they confound attempts at critical thinking (e.g. You’re not supposed to […]

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Sexualizing Everything Doesn’t Prepare Children for Healthy Relationships

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sex, for me, has never been an easy thing to talk about openly. And I place the blame for this deficiency squarely upon the shoulders of my fundamentalist Christian upbringing. I am hoping that this post will serve as an educational experience for those who don’t understand first-hand how religion poisons the well of sexuality.  Perhaps this […]

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Jesus, Friend of Sinners…Except Not You

Reading Time: 4 minutes I really liked Craig and his wife, Sofia*. They were weird, and I was 13. It was perfect. This odd couple had been involved with my small church for a few months as volunteers. They helped with the youth group (which mostly consisted of me and my brother). Sofia was severely obese, very sweet, and […]

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STOP! (In the Name of Love)

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the name of honoring or preserving religious doctrine or upbringing, Christian parents say some hurtful, ugly things to their LGBT children. With love, education, and understanding, relationships can recover from the pain of these mistakes.

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Sexual Purity: What They Said vs. What We Learned

Reading Time: 10 minutes I had a very eye-opening conversation with my mom recently. We were talking about my marriage to my ex, and she asked me if her hunch was correct that I’d have married him anyway if my parents hadn’t given us the go-ahead. (You see, in our iteration of purity culture, even as a 22-year-old adult, […]

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Escaping A Culture of Repentance

Reading Time: 6 minutes I was fourteen years old when an older boy showed up on my street. I often walked my dog in the evenings, and he would drive up and down the street, slowing down to offer me every sex act he knew about (and a few I’m sure he knew nothing about at all). He tried to get me into […]