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British Slang You Need To Know Now

Reading Time: 2 minutes For you kids out there, this is what 50 is like. You go to be bed early. This isn’t because you are super sleepy. It’s because you know how difficult it is to get more than 7 hours of sleeps. After tossing and turning you wake up after after an hour or so. After watching […]

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People Talk About Finding God

Reading Time: 2 minutes   People find God in many ways. I found God in a dream one time. He was hidden in an underground bunker and didn’t want to be bothered (true story). Towards the end of the dream I stared at one of those phrenology models of the head. It looked something like this: A voice told […]

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A Special Mother’s Day Story

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Let me tell you guys a story about my mom, Rebecca Gansburg Sankey. When I was young, for a few years me and my brothers went to school in a one room Christian schoolhouse type situation inside our church. At most there were like 23 kids in the entire school any given year, one […]

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My Body’s Dungeons & Dragons Alignments

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many people know what Dungeons and Dragons is. The Dungeons and Dragons site explains the game as “players are characters in an ongoing fantasy story”  and “The core of D&D is storytelling. You and your friends tell a story together, guiding your heroes through quests for treasure, battles with deadly foes…” Your character must have a […]

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3 Jokes On Dating

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sure, I’ve dated younger people. And I’ve dated older people. And the funny thing is that regardless of the other person’s age I’m still a jerk. That’s a joke. Kinda sorta. I tell my kids the most difficult thing they’re ever going to do is be in a relationship. The skill set to be in […]

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Toaster Possessed By The Devil

Reading Time: 2 minutes At times Satan and Jesus seem to have the same work schedule — they always seem to be on the job. And not only are they both working, but they work in mysterious ways. Now, the case of the satanic toaster is a classic example. Though the footage is from quite a while ago, I’m sure […]

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