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Why Jesus-ing Harder Won’t Bring Churchless Believers Back

Reading Time: 10 minutes When we were talking about churchless believers last week, I mentioned that I hadn’t seen a lot of Christians offering concrete strategies for bringing these believers back into church sheepfolds. The ones who do offer strategies tend to offer ones based around Jesus-ing harder. But that won’t work here any more than it’s ever worked anywhere in Christianity. Today, let me show you why Jesus-ing harder doesn’t ever fix anything — and why it can’t.

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How Christians Are (Not) Coping With the Rise in Churchless Believers

Reading Time: 8 minutes Recently, I showed you this new Gallup poll bearing yet more bad news for Christians (here’s the original story). In it, we learned that fewer than half of Gallup’s survey respondents said they belonged to a church. Church-belonging Christians now represent a minority in America. And you can guess that Christian leaders — especially from the really authoritarian, reality-challenged flavors — don’t like that poll at all. Today, let me show you some responses to the news, and what I discovered when I went to find out what Christians plan to do about it.

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Come Meet the Growing Ranks of Churchless Believers

Reading Time: 6 minutes Last time, we talked about one of those factors: the rise of Nones who simply opt out of religion entirely. The other factor, though, caught my attention: more believers are walking away from church culture by the generation. These folks still believe, but they just don’t have what evangelicals like to call ‘a church home.’ Today, let me introduce you to Christianity’s growing numbers of churchless believers.

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The Silence in the Pews: Pro-Choice Evangelicals.

Reading Time: 9 minutes Fred’s written an excellent piece at Slacktivist about how Lifeway has discovered that a third of evangelicals are pro-choice, meaning they think abortion should be legal. As you can imagine, evangelical leaders are freaking out about this finding and trying to think up ways to rationalize the results of the survey, with many of them deciding that pro-choice evangelicals aren’t TRUE EVANGELICALS™. They’ve been on a kick lately to define who is in the tribe and who’s out, so their new line in the sand isn’t a big surprise to see. But they’re wrong about their tribe’s monolithic opposition to abortion–just like they’re wrong about all the other ways they’re trying to police the use of Christian terms–like “Christian” itself.