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If you believe in sex differences, you’re probably sexist

Reading Time: 3 minutes If someone claims to see “sex differences”—apparently concrete and non-varying differences between men and women—I can be reasonably sure that they’re sexist, or that they benefit from sexism, which is basically the same thing. The whole notion of “sex difference” is somewhat outdated, along with “sex role” which we now call “gender role,” but the […]

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J.K. Rowling and the Measuring of a Woman

Reading Time: 8 minutes Lately, a huge controversy hit social media when J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, offered a series of her own hot takes on transgender people. Some of what she said sounded very much like the stuff we see out of toxic Christians, so today I wanted to talk about the measure of a woman. What goes into womanhood? Who gets to decide? And who gets excluded by these lists of requirements?

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Lee Strobel’s Martyrbation List (#13-15)

Reading Time: 8 minutes In this last installment, Lee Strobel stops selling evangelicals on seeker-sensitive churches to remind them that only they understand how to Jesus correctly. Moreover, he warns them that if anybody criticizes their Jesus-osity, it’s literally only because of their blazing-bright Jesus Auras. Today, let me show you how Lee Strobel models martyrbation for his readers.

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The Love Dare: Repackaged and Warmed-Over Glurge.

Reading Time: 11 minutes I scared up a copy, got reading, and then went through a second time and made notes. Copious, copious, notes. (Looking back over the notes, I can see I was getting progressively more and more frustrated with the thing – my notes started getting more and more editorial and profane as I went.) I ended up with notes that are almost as long as the book itself. More even than what The Love Dare represents in and of itself, though, it doesn’t actually say anything really new at all regarding relationships or how people should conduct themselves with their romantic prospects and partners.

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How Non-Christians’ Marriages Work. (Um, Right?)

Reading Time: 13 minutes Considering the overweening and galactic-level hubris they’re displaying by daring to offer serious advice to people in real need of real help, we shouldn’t be surprised at all that they’re just as misguided and erroneous in their presentation of a typical non-Christian marriage as they are in how Christians should conduct their marriages. Today I want to talk about what the movie’s creators think they’re saying about how non-Christians’ marriages work.

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A Monopoly on Manliness.

Reading Time: 11 minutes One of the genuinely weirdest turns that fundagelical Christianity has taken in recent decades has been its bizarre emphasis on hypermasculinity and rejection of all that is even vaguely perceived as feminine. I first encountered this strange focus when looking at the car of a co-worker some six or so years ago; it bore a bumper […]