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Z: The least religious generation ever

Reading Time: 4 minutes And religion in America just continues to decline and decline and decline. According to a new report from The Survey Center on American Life of the American Enterprise Institute, Gen Z (comprised of Americans born in or after 1995) is the least religious generation in the nation’s history. In an analysis that reads like veritable […]

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Why evangelicals keep trying to sneak into public schools

Reading Time: 8 minutes In West Virginia, public school students found themselves in the middle of a midday evangelical revival on school grounds. There is absolutely no way this should have happened or been allowed, and yet it was. But there’s a reason why it was, of course. Evangelicals are fighting for every single thing that’s important to them: dominance, cultural power, numbers, everything. And they know that victory will come to the side that owns the hearts and minds of today’s children.

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PRRI survey says: Mainline Christians now outnumber evangelicals

Reading Time: 5 minutes Recently, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) released a huge, absolutely groundbreaking survey of Americans. This survey revealed some eye-opening shifts in how Americans practice Christianity — and how the religion’s demographic makeup has changed in the past 7 years. Today, let me show you this survey, and let’s talk about its major findings.

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Natasha Crain’s Horrible Christian Parenting Advice

Reading Time: 9 minutes Natasha Crain occupies one specific niche within that industry, too: apologetics aimed at Christian parents seeking to keep their kids indoctrinated for life. But like all apologists do, she offers suggestions that can’t possibly work, and she does so with the rock-steady assurance that comes from knowing that her target market will never figure that fact out.