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Fascism in India: The role of Nazis in Hindu nationalism

Reading Time: 7 minutes When writing on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in Hindu extremism, I committed the cardinal sin of not defining a key term: fascism. This was a conscious choice, because I’ve written before on how quickly we mire ourselves in political word games. Better to start with the government figure that Western media keeps centering, as […]

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Fascism in India: Who’s ‘in charge’ of 1.4 billion?

Reading Time: 8 minutes There’s something fascinating, if also disturbing, about Western incuriosity around the world’s largest democracy. 1.4 billion of our world’s 7.8 live in India, a country a third the size of the US, which has under a quarter of India’s population. How can the fortunes of so many mean so little? Nevertheless, India exists in the […]

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A Great Myth about Atheism

Reading Time: 18 minutes This has come up in conversation on the last thread, and being in second day of my Russian chemo, I thought I’d repost for your delectation: This post was one of my most popular pieces on my previous blog, and I have, over time, revised it slightly to make it even tighter, reacting to previous comments […]

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God ♥ Genocide

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Bible makes clear what God thinks of genocide. Apologist William Lane Craig attempts a rearguard action, but his defense of God is pretty weak.