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George Barna Has a New Fear-Based Marketing Attempt

Reading Time: 8 minutes Yesterday, we checked out the illustrious career of George Barna. He makes a good living by telling Christians whatever makes them open their wallets for him. And what works best to open wallets? Inducing fear and dread in his target audience. Now, let’s check out how George Barna used his style of marketing most recently. He’s doing his best to make his TRUE CHRISTIAN™ marks pony up the bills by making them scared that a new fake kind of Christianity is taking over America. Today, let’s see how he does it — and if it’ll work.

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George Barna: Hucksters Can’t Stop Huckstering

Reading Time: 9 minutes About a year ago, we had a good laugh at George Barna and his shrill attempts to sell evangelicals his products through the use of fear and dread. It was a pleasing chaser for the sour scariness of his dystopian world-domination plans. Well, he didn’t learn a thing after evangelicals largely ignored his sales pitches last year. Lately, he’s returned with another attempt to frighten evangelicals into buying his product. Today, we ask why hucksters like George Barna just can’t stop, well, huckstering.

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Why Evangelicals Love TRUE CHRISTIAN™ Research

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Recently, we looked at a pair of TRUE CHRISTIANS™ who were complaining about all the Christians who just refuse to Jesus correctly. In their post, these guys mentioned a few recent bits of Christian research that they felt bolstered their claims. However, every one of their sources suffers from a big […]

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George Barna: His Big World Domination Plan

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! This past week, we’ve been talking about toxic Christians‘ efforts to regain dominance in America. Among other topics, we covered George Barna and his grand plans to forcibly indoctrinate babies and toddlers. Today, we’ll look at an interview he did with some other equally toxic Christians regarding how they plan to win […]

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Deconversion: Christian Parents Did NOTHING Wrong! (LSP #157)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hello and welcome to a very special episode of Lord Snow Presides! Lately, we’ve been talking about the battle plans of toxic Christians. Those plans center around forcibly indoctrinating babies. Well, in discussing those plans George Barna revealed another tactic he has in mind: who to blame when those plans fail. He wants to blame Christian parents for […]

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Parents Beware: Toxic Christians Have Officially Targeted Your Children

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! We’ve been talking lately about Christianese — which abounds in Joe Battaglia’s book Make America Good Again. The past week has been leading us to this exact place. Now, we’re ready to look at exactly how toxic Christians (like Joe Battaglia) plan to regain their former dominance over America. They seek nothing less […]

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A Biblical Worldview: Toxic Christians’ Self-Serving Definition

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! Earlier, we talked about Joe Battaglia’s book Make America Good Again. As we discovered, it’s chock-full of culture-war talking points disguised in a thick slathering of Christianese. So we spent a few days talking about Christianese. For today’s entry, I’d already planned to discuss this phrase. But then, a Christian leader […]

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