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No Low is Too Low: #MeToo Edition

Reading Time: 12 minutes This time the guy digging frantically for an even lower spot in my estimation of Christians is Gus Eli Reinhardt, who wrote an absolutely shocking post trying to piggyback on the #MeToo movement by comparing a standard Reformed doctrine to a violent rape. Worse, he’s depicting this spiritual violation as a good thing. Here’s why Christians keep doing this, and why it backfired this time.

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A Creationist Accidentally Exposes the Big Problem with Creationism.

Reading Time: 10 minutes I caught this little local news snippet yesterday and thought it was interesting–both for what it says, and what it doesn’t say. It’s about a Creationist coming to a local church in that area to give a lecture about his branch of fundagelical pseudoscience. What this church doesn’t realize is that their guest speaker is part of the reason for their religion’s dwindling numbers, relevance, and credibility.

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Georgia proposes ‘blasphemy bill’ to outlaw religious insults

Reading Time: 2 minutes The country not the US State. Worrying, still. Why do blasphemy laws still persist around the world? C’mon, Earth, sort it out! The Guardian reports: Georgia is planning a “blasphemy bill” that will make religious irreverence punishable by law, prompting concerns about freedom of expression in the devoutly Orthodox Christian society. Critics say the bill, which […]

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The exactitude of human evolution up in the air

Reading Time: 5 minutes So human evolution in its African context has been hotly researched, but the research is necessarily slow. Fossil digs take a ling time and are few and far between. New finds from 2000 onwards in Georgia are throwing a lot of theories up in the air. What were once thought to be different species of early human ancestors might have been variations in the same species. As the Guardian reports:

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