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The United States has an atonement problem

Reading Time: 6 minutes Throughout our history, but particularly since 2016, when Donald Trump first rode down that ill-fated escalator at Trump Tower to announce his presidential candidacy, it has grown ever clearer that Americans have a serious problem with atonement. We tend to run hellbent away from public accountability. It’s not just Trump, who is still trying mightily […]

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Heads I win, tails you lose: Attacking the EU with double standards

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every day, I listen to “Ukraine: The Latest,” a Daily Telegraph podcast about the conflict in Ukraine. If you’re not familiar, the Daily Telegraph is a UK right-wing broadsheet newspaper, and not in line with my personal political persuasion. However, generally, it is excellent, especially when analyzing the strategic and tactical situation in the war. […]

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Op-ed: Kindertransport

Reading Time: 4 minutes I think we need some refreshment from the likes of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Let’s forget about them for a few minutes and think about Nicholas Winton instead. This video and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum tell us more about him: Nicholas Winton was born Nicholas Wertheimer on May 19, 1909, in West Hampstead, […]

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Op-ed: Learning some actual history

Reading Time: 4 minutes There was much outrage in the US last week when first-term Congressional Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, above, compared the camps on the US border with Mexico, where would-be immigrants are held, to concentration camps. A Republican colleague, Liz Cheney, daughter of the notorious Dick, patronizingly told her to learn some history. Please @AOC do us all […]

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No religious person found by survey under the age of 28 in Eastern Germany – the most Godless place on earth?

Reading Time: 2 minutes They are sending missionaries to eastern Germany. A recent study called Beliefs About God Across Time and Countries found that 52.1% of people asked whether they believed in God identified themselves as atheists. This compared with only 10.3% in western Germany. Indeed, the survey was unable to find a single person under the age of 28 in eastern Germany who believed in God. Obviously there are some – I think I may have even met some once – but the survey was unable to find them. On the face of it this is an extraordinary finding and it is something that needs some careful explanation.

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