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The GOP’s Russian church connection

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Republican Party has a long history of opposition to Russia. They were the leaders in Cold War rhetoric, deploring both the communism and atheism of the Soviet regime. In the early 1950s, The Red Scare, promoted by right-wing Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy, warned the American people that communism was creeping into our government. He […]

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WWRD – What Would Republicans Do?

Reading Time: 2 minutes American politics is devolving into a cesspit of polarisation, and it’s one side that is making it happen. As has been said here before by many of you readers, only one side appears to be interested in actually governing, in actually getting things done. Trump reigned for a whole term and succeeded in unfairly stacking […]

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Culture Wars as a Cynical Strategy in the Face of a Lack of Economic and Social Policy

Reading Time: 4 minutes I have been arguing elsewhere with a good friend about identity politics and culture wars. I have written before about the culture wars narrative, in which cancel culture features so heavily. This discussion went something like this [excuse typos and grammar as lifted from Facebook and Messenger]: JP: Ok, business as usual here. This government […]

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The GOP Sustained Assault on Democracy

Reading Time: 11 minutes There are some really terrible moves being made by the GOP at all levels of politics in the US. This has arguably been going on for decades, but most pointedly so since Trump’s election in 2016. There is a very good case to suggest that the GOP is following the Viktor Orban playbook in Hungary. […]