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Reading Time: 2 minutes After hours and hours of reflection, I have become convinced that God is most definitely a Republican. And so I took the liberty of replacing the word ‘poor’ with the word ‘wealthy’ in numerous biblical passages. And of course, all those passages make so much more sense now! Behold:

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Survey: How authentic are Christian evangelicals? Not very

Reading Time: 2 minutes “American evangelicals, it turns out, have a Jesus problem.” This quote by self-described evangelical Christian Republican David French came in a September 23 post of his newsletter, “The Third Rail” in The Atlantic. Referencing a report released last week on a biannual survey by conservative Christian organizations LifeWay Research and Ligonier Ministries, French notes that the […]

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The GOP has become the party of liars

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’ve watched with morbid fascination as an entire American political party—the GOP—has slid, apparently irretrievably, into a deep well of ethical relativism and easily debunked lies. The vast majority of Republicans have clearly decided that virtually nothing is wrong if it aligns with what Donald Trump desires—although the former president’s Teflon coating appears to be […]

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The GOP wants you to believe 87,000 armed IRS agents are coming after you

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you heard that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service is creating a new, “armed,” 87,000-agent strong “IRS super-police force … willing to kill” that will be targeting regular Americans to audit and investigate? In his August 25 Washington Post column—“Another Republican Lie is Born”—Dana Milbank wrote that this lie is being “endlessly repeated by Republicans […]

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Are GOP’s social media villains being coached?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The seemingly instantaneous, coordinated blow-back by Donald Trump supporters on social media whenever they believe the former president has been attacked begs the question: Are they being coached? The matches that ignite these online conflagrations are strident public alarms set off by either Trump’s own protestations or by elected sycophants in MAGA world rushing to […]

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One man’s transformative journey from Republican to Democrat

Reading Time: 4 minutes My longtime best pal, Paul Sauser, a recent conservative-Republican-turned-Democrat and an evangelical Christian now uneasily reassessing his faith (without chucking it altogether), has, like many, Americans experienced somewhat of a religious and political transformation in the past few years. He and I have always been a bit of an odd couple, as it were—him long […]

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