Posted inClimate Crisis

Hate-preacher falsely claims Andrew Tate was arrested for denying climate change

Reading Time: 4 minutes Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke proved yet again that he cares more about trashing liberals than acknowledging truth in a massive self-own yesterday defending Twitter’s latest “main character” Andrew Tate, a former professional kickboxer best known for spreading misogyny and alpha male arrogance online. On Tuesday, Tate tagged climate activist Greta Thunberg in a tweet explaining […]

Posted inPolitics

YouTube just terminated Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke’s channel

Reading Time: 3 minutes YouTube just terminated the personal channel of Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke after years of him spreading right-wing conspiracy theories and pushing harmful lies. And (surprise!) he’s not handling it well. This morning, he posted about how his PastorGregLocke channel was taken down without warning: Many of you know that YouTube removed our church channel a […]

Posted inFilm/TV

Pastor Greg Locke whines after ‘Shadowland’ filmmaker quotes him accurately

Reading Time: 4 minutes On Wednesday, NBC’s streaming service Peacock released a six-part documentary series called Shadowland in which a team led by filmmaker Joe Berlinger shadows people responsible for and affected by various conspiracy theories. From that vantage point, the show “reveals how conspiracy theories have moved from the margins to the mainstream, exploring how people come to […]

Posted inSatire

Which Christian conference is right for you?

Reading Time: 3 minutes OnlySky · Which Christian conference is right for you? | Becky Garrison For those looking for faith-based fellowship, here’s a curated list of upcoming Christian conferences geared toward a wide range of believers. Happy Christian conference hunting! As reported by Charisma News, the leading news outlet for the TBN Tribe, the Reawaken America Tour (Fall 2022) […]

Posted inSexuality

These Christian preachers have no idea how masturbation works

Reading Time: 2 minutes For the past few days, Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke has been hosting a “National Deliverance Training Conference” at his Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Deliverance, in fundamentalist parlance, means saving people from demons. That implies that attendees all believe demons are actual, literal beings that cause people to do very bad things… […]

Posted inReligious News

Preacher claims he ‘dissolved’ his church’s tax-exemption for political gain

Reading Time: 3 minutes A week after telling his congregation that True Christians™ could not vote for Democrats, Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke announced on Sunday that he had “dissolved” his church’s tax-exemption with the IRS. I want everybody online to pay real close attention. I almost brought the document. I was gonna burn it right here on national television, […]

Posted inLaw

Preacher reported to IRS for sermon saying Christians can’t ‘vote Democrat’

Reading Time: 4 minutes On Sunday, Christian hate-preacher Greg Locke, last seen on this site conducting a literal witch-hunt among his Global Vision Bible Church congregation, told his circus tent church that they had an obligation, as Christians, to vote for Republicans, in direct violation of IRS rules. He then looked into the camera, presumably to his critics, and told […]

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