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The Fantasy and the Reality of Evangelical Youth Groups

Reading Time: 9 minutes Of late, we’ve been checking out the hilarious, utterly-lacking-in-self-awareness ramblings of aspiring youth evangelist Greg Stier. Obviously, his target customers, youth ministers, value and adore All Things Youth Ministry. However, youth groups in white evangelicalism aren’t actually very effective at their stated goals. Today, I’ll show you the fantasy — and the reality — of youth groups.

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Counting the (False) Costs of My Teen Zealotry

Reading Time: 8 minutes As we reviewed evangelist Greg Stier’s three totally-surefire teen evangelism strategies, many of us got angry and saddened — because we’d been exactly the teens he’d have considered major successes. For many of us, though, his strategies caused us only immeasurable grief — first and foremost because evangelists lie freely about exactly what the costs are that we should be counting. Today, I’ll be counting the costs of the zealotry that Greg Stier desperately wants to push onto unwitting evangelical teens. 

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‘Counting the Costs’ is Music to Authoritarian Ears

Reading Time: 9 minutes Before I get into the harm his suggestions do to children, I realized I needed to explain a popular Christianese concept: counting the costs. This phrase figures prominently in Greg Stier’s work, and it certainly did as well in my own life when I was evangelical. Today, let me show you this Christianese phrase, how it’s used, and how it manipulates the unwary into groups and behavior that will only harm them.

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Greg Stier, Teen-Ministry Huckster, Thinks Teens Will TOTALLY Save Christianity

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hi and welcome back! The self-serving pandering of toxic Christians will never, ever stop amusing me. A recent case in point: aspiring evangelist Greg Stier wrote a recent post on Christianity Today. It insists that today’s teens will totally for sure rescue Christianity from its decline. It’s such a hilarious example of a tryhard promoting himself that it […]

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Soulwinners: Score More Jesus Sales In This Pandemic!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hard times really separate good people from bad apples. That rule applies double with Christians, it seems. Lately, naked opportunism plus a complete lack of compassion has brought to light some truly awful apples in a really competitive field! Today, I’ll show you how some of those awful apples plan to use a global pandemic to score themselves some extra Jesus sales.

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