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Secular profile: George Holyoake

Reading Time: 7 minutes When I was a boy first studying history outside American textbooks, the United Kingdom was at first an image of pomp and period drama, not so alien to the lovers of high end film and television but exotic and mystic to her North American descendants in its antiquity. As I became more experienced in the […]

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Autism and the tendencies of belief

Reading Time: 4 minutes I can’t say for sure where my tendencies towards depression and extreme emotional responses to change first came; my grandmother has dealt with the same in her life, as well as the compulsive need to take a look at charities and noble causes. I know mental issues like this can be heritable to the point […]

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God the chessmaster

Reading Time: 3 minutes “God’s only excuse is that he does not exist.” Mari-Henri Byle “Stendhal” “All religions are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few.” Stendhal again, now explaining how the priestly caste is just as cunning as their god God is a chessmaster, if there is ever such a being; this […]

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Nine decades of secular humanism

Reading Time: 4 minutes Few people realize it, but secular humanism—the progressive crusade to improve life for all—may be the chief driving force of western civilization. Humanism means helping people, and secular means doing it without supernatural religion. The movement soared three centuries ago in the Enlightenment, when bold thinkers sought to end the divine right of kings, end […]

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Secular Surge

Reading Time: 3 minutes By James A. Haught The long-foreseen Secular Age is arriving at a gallop. Survey after survey finds snowballing increases of Americans who say their religion is “none.” The 2017 American Family Survey found that “nones” have climbed past one-third of U.S. adults — the highest ratio yet tallied. These churchless people have become the nation’s […]

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Episcopal Church Fadeout

Reading Time: 2 minutes By James A. Haught When I was young in the 1950s, Episcopalians – the American wing of the Anglican faith founded by Henry VIII – were the pinnacle of the high-steeple elite. Bankers, business presidents, top lawyers, society doctors, Rotarians and other country-clubbers filled the pews and vestries of ornate churches. They sent their sons […]

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Hurrah for Liberals: Free Speech and Free Press

Reading Time: 6 minutes By James A. Haught Many atheists also are progressive “social justice warriors” striving to make life better and more equal for everyone. They include Daylight Atheism contributor James Haught. Here’s a chapter from his 2016 book, Hurrah for Liberals. Free speech and free press mean the same thing: the right to voice any beliefs or […]