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A theology of dying at school

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ponder this. There’s a rule of inference in propositional logic called modus tollens. It says, when a ‘then’ assertion is untrue in an If-Then argument, the ‘if’ assertion is untrue too. Here’s the infallible logic of the thing: “If A, then B. Not B. Then not A.” Let us use this for school shootings and […]

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Supreme Court ruling against NY gun restrictions puts all gun control measures at risk

Reading Time: 3 minutes In a June 23 ruling, New York gun restrictions that prevented most forms of concealed carry outside of the home were deemed unconstitutional by a conservative Supreme Court. Top Democrats were quick to announce their feelings about the court’s decision.  “I call on all Americans across the country to make their voices heard on gun […]

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Between massacres: a uniquely American horror show in seven acts

Reading Time: 7 minutes A shooter enters a building in an American city and takes innocent lives. The name of the shooter is insignificant, while their race and gender are both significant and mostly predictable. The city is Buffalo, or Uvalde, or East Lansing, or Monterey Park, or a hundred others. In each case, the shooting serves as the prelude to a seven-act piece of socio-political theatre. Some of the acts are honest and well-meaning; others are cynical and grotesque. But the net result of the cycle is always the same: nothing of substance changes.

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Mental illness doesn’t cause mass shootings. Hate armed for war does

Reading Time: 6 minutes First Amendment-loving conservatives have long blamed isolated mental-health issues in very angry individuals but never the availability of guns as the proximate cause of America’s decades-long epidemic of horrific mass shootings in America. Or they claim mass shootings are hardly a problem at all and that, by the way, overall gun violence is supposedly down […]

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