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Book review: Gunther Laird’s Unnecessary Science debunks Natural Law Theory from within

Reading Time: 4 minutes Laws like Roe vs. Wade that many secular people hold dear are under threat. Much of how they are threatened is down to the partisan nature of American politics, but it is also underwritten by thinkers who provide an ethical framework from which certain political factions can structure their legal assault. Edward Feser is an […]

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The Unnecessary Science Revisited

Reading Time: 2 minutes As many of you will know, I recently edited author Gunther Laird’s book The Unnecessary Science: A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory (UK), with its foreword by Bradley Bowen of The Secular Outpost. The book is now available on Kindle, Nook and Kobo and I implore everyone to grab yourself a copy forthwith! If you like the book, […]

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Actuality, Abortion and the SCOTUS

Reading Time: 19 minutes Here is a guest piece from author Gunther Laird, who recently wrote The Unnecessary Science: A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory (UK), which I edited and consulted on. Please grab a copy! This piece is particularly pertinent given what is going on in the Supreme Court right now.  Actuality and Abortion Gunther Laird As readers of A […]

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Mano Singham on The Unnecessary Science

Reading Time: 4 minutes Mano Singham, over at Freethought Blogs, has recently kindly reviewed a book I edited by Gunther Laird, The Unnecessary Science: A Critical Analysis od Natural Law Theory (UK). The book is particularly prevalent now as Natural Law Theory forms the foundation upon which conservative lawyers, lawmakers and justices stake their claims, and we have the whole debacle concerning […]

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Contraceptive Causality: Natural Law & Sexual Ethics

Reading Time: 7 minutes Gunther Laird has recently written a superb refutation of Natural Law Theory (NLT), as espoused these days by Christian thinkers such as Edward Feser who build upon work of Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. This kind of worldview underwrites conservative lawmakers who try to utilise NLT to underwrite modern jurisprudence. Therefore, whilst some might see a […]

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Amuse Bouche and Other Updates

Reading Time: 5 minutes Just to remind people of what I have been up to of late and what I plan for the near future (and a book that might be right up your alleys). Let’s start with the now. I have just released a book called The Family Book of Word of the Day. For a Year. Every Year. […]

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The Problems of Pure Act

Reading Time: 7 minutes This is a guest post from Gunther Laird, whose superb new book The Unnecessary Science: A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory (UK), a devastating critique of Ed Feser, Thomas Aquinas and Natural Law Theory, is out now. Over to Laird: The philosopher Edward Feser, in most of his published books and articles (such as The Last […]

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The Unnecessary Science

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Unnecessary Science: A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory (Onus Books) is a cracking book tackling the work of Edward Feser in his defences and use of Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle in trying to establish natural law theory and its connected areas of essentialism and so on. It is written by Gunther Laird and is just […]

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