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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

The Ashley Madison Hack Was a Factor in a Seminary Professor’s Suicide.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Last month, a Professor of Communications at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary took his own life. A few days ago, his family revealed the shocking news that in his suicide note, John Gibson had noted that his name was on the Ashley Madison client list that had been released by “hacktivists” only six days earlier. Depressed and wracked with fear and remorse, he took his life rather than face his “loving” tribe once the news got out. John Gibson paid the ultimate price for his culture’s impossible demands and misplaced priorities.

Posted inReligion

Another Professional Christian Ends Up on Ashley Madison. (And That’s Not Even the Worst Part.)

Reading Time: 9 minutes This professional Christian video blogger (or “vlogger”) showed up on Ashley Madison in their customer leak. And the funny thing is, that’s not even the worst part of this whole story. The way I see it, there is a bigger problem here than that yet another fundagelical husband was sneaking around behind his wife’s back.

Posted inReligion

Fireproof: Hunting Bears with an Umbrella.

Reading Time: 9 minutes (This is part of our Fireproof review week–here’s the review itself and here’s where I talk about how the movie assumes that only Christians can make marriage work. Consider this, like all my movie posts, full of ALL THE SPOILERS. Also, I’m popping this into our Unequally Yoked Club series for obvious reasons.) Last time […]

Posted inReligion

The Unequally Yoked Club: Fireproof’s Fatal Assumption.

Reading Time: 10 minutes While someone might see this movie and assume–as I did repeatedly–that it was hawking a particular marriage advice manual, The Love Dare, that’s not entirely true. The characters repeatedly reference the book and laud how amazing it is and how much it’s helped their marriages, but the movie is quite clear about exactly what really saved Kirk’s marriage in the movie.

Posted inReligion

5 Reasons Why Christian Apology Campaigns Fail.

Reading Time: 11 minutes We’ve talked off and on in the past about various Christian “apology” movements, wherein earnest Christians apologize for some particular mistreatment or offense Christians as a whole may have given others. Today I want to talk a little about why these campaigns are so beloved by Christians, but so absolutely ineffectual in impact.

Posted inReligion

Judging Hypocrites

Reading Time: 14 minutes I’ve been talking about Christian hypocrites for years, so I already knew that Christians like to demand that we not “judge” their hypocrites despite they themselves being, well, the most judgmental people on the planet. Well, I’ve finally decoded this bit of Christianese.

Posted inUncategorized

The Kodak Marriage

Reading Time: 17 minutes Christians’ laser focus on marriage unfortunately highlights the sheer inadequacy of their rules about relationships themselves. Let me show you what I mean today.

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