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Slowing to listen at the end of life

Reading Time: 12 minutes Marcia sat up on the side of the bed, a hand on each knee, and braced herself as she leaned forward to open the space in her chest for more air. At 52, she was dying of ovarian cancer that had spread to her liver. The critical organ had failed, causing excess fluid to gather […]

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The ethical problem with denying diabetics no-prick glucose monitors

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the past few years, science has produced a few truly wonderful devices capable of monitoring diabetics’ blood-sugar levels 24/7 in real-time, with the power to help the afflicted self-manage very protective eating strategies. Unfortunately, even though I’m diabetic, I simply can’t afford all but one of these devices even if my doctor were willing […]

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Jex Blackmore has abortion live on the news

Reading Time: 2 minutes Former The Satanic Temple (TST) spokesperson and reproductive rights advocate Jex Blackmore, who was (evicted? I’m going to say evicted) evicted from the organization when … just go watch the movie. Anyway, Jex took an abortifacient pill on air. Let’s get you up to speed At some point during the filming of Hail Satan?, Jex […]