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Why the hell do you believe in hell?

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve been thinking a lot about heaven and hell lately, which is weird for an atheist, perhaps. There’s just none of that sweet reward and all that horrible punishment without believing in God. I guess I’ve gotten caught up in the long grass of biblical exegesis, of thinking about resurrection this or nativity that for […]

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Heaven is hellish

Reading Time: 3 minutes Imagine living in bliss in heaven. How blissful would you be once you thought of the billions in torment all courtesy of your host? Worse, think of your friends and family who didn’t make the cut, writhing in God’s Perfect Plan.

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Pac-Man = Purgatory? Yes.

Reading Time: 2 minutes What happens to arcade game characters when they die?  It’s not the stupidest question ever asked (that honor goes to “But what about her emails?”) and it’s well within the normal parameters of people who get paid to sit around pondering how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Given that theology […]

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Understanding eternity (Hint: It’s a very long time)

Reading Time: 2 minutes OnlySky · Understanding eternity (Hint: It’s a very long time) Whether you are a heaven-and-hell-believing evangelical or a Christian universalist (where everyone gets saved), you’ll have some kind of belief in a transcendent soul living in some situation for eternity. But eternity is a very long time. Problematically so. People often seem to defend billionaires […]