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Draft bill bans everything but ‘scientific fact’ in Montana’s science classes

Reading Time: 2 minutes A draft bill in Montana sponsored by first-term Republican State Sen. Daniel Emrich would effectively destroy science classes throughout the state by requiring them to teach “scientific fact”… and nothing else. Which is the sort of thing you’d propose only if you didn’t understand the meaning of scientific “theory.” LC 2215 claims that “a scientific […]

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Lawmaker sees anti-drag bill, raises with ‘religious indoctrination’ ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes Conservatives in the Nebraska legislature recently proposed a bill, LB 371, that would make it a crime for children to attend a drag show. So progressive senator Megan Hunt is fighting back by amending the anti-drag bill to ban children from attending vacation Bible study or any similar “religious indoctrination” camps. LB 371 is a […]

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Hate-group leader wants Christian schools to expel children of gay parents

Reading Time: 4 minutes During a recent interview on Liberty Counsel’s “Liberty Pastors” show, the hate-group’s president Mat Staver explained that Christian schools should ban children with gay parents. Why go after the kids? Because exposing other students to well-adjusted and kind classmates with gay parents might lead students to think gay people are well-adjusted and kind… and that […]

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Why did a high school let controversial influencer Woah Vicky preach to kids?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Earlier this month, Victoria Rose Waldrip (a.k.a. Woah Vicky, “Atlanta’s new age trap queen”) visited Jonesboro High School in Georgia and preached to the girl’s basketball team. She told them to accept Jesus, promoted her church, told the girls to remain celibate until marriage, and lied about LGBTQ people. When one girl asked her if […]

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Stop praising Pastor Andy Stanley for pretending to love gay people

Reading Time: 4 minutes For the past few days, an out-of-context clip from Pastor Andy Stanley, the leader of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, has been circulating online because he appears to welcome gay people in his church in a way that seems unusual among evangelicals. Some conservative Christians, like the guy tweeting below, are furious that […]

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The Church of England will ‘bless’ same-sex couples. It’s utterly meaningless.

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Church of England, in a remarkably progressive move, will finally bless same-sex marriages… would be an incredible thing to have said in 2003. But it’s 20 years later, and this weak attempt at cultural relevancy by a religious denomination struggling to be taken seriously shouldn’t be praised as anything more than a PR campaign. […]

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‘Pro-life’ speaker thanks God for killing man who was ‘obstacle’ to abortion ban

Reading Time: 2 minutes Proving yet again that the “pro-life” crowd doesn’t give a damn about actual living people, Nathaniel Darnell, the Georgia director for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, used his speech during the state’s March for Life rally on Friday to celebrate the death of former State House Speaker David Ralston, an anti-abortion Republican whom Darnell […]

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Clergy members sue Missouri to block faith-based anti-abortion laws

Reading Time: 3 minutes In an attempt to overturn extreme abortion restrictions in Missouri, 13 clergy members have filed a lawsuit against the state, arguing that the laws impose one religious interpretation upon everyone else, violating their rights and the Constitution. The clergy members represent faith traditions that say abortion is permissible or required in certain situations. The 83-page […]

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Why did a Texas community college donate land to a private Christian school?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Why did the taxpayer-funded Weatherford College, a community college in Texas, donate “39 acres” of land, six buildings, and a “large parking lot” to a private Christian institution? That’s the question the Freedom From Religion Foundation wants to know because they believe that transfer is unconstitutional. Over a year ago, Weatherford College donated its entire […]

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Idaho’s ‘faith-healing’ exemption has led to more senseless child deaths

Reading Time: 3 minutes Idaho is one of only six states where belief in “faith-healing” can help you escape charges of negligent homicide, manslaughter, or capital murder. So if a child dies because her Christian Science parents refused to take her to a doctor, those parents won’t be punished. Consider the state’s laws regarding children and vulnerable adults, which includes this […]

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