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12 Christians arrested in Australia after ‘faith-healing’ death of child

Reading Time: 2 minutes 8-year-old Elizabeth Rose Struhs needed insulin to handle her Type 1 diabetes. But in January, at least a dozen members of a Christian cult in Toowoomba, Queensland (Australia) withheld that insulin for over six days. Instead of giving her the life-saving treatment, they sang and prayed asking God to take over. (It never crossed their […]

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Canadian church criticized over event to ‘protect’ kids during Pride Month

Reading Time: 2 minutes Summerside Community Church in Prince Edward Island, Canada is rightly being criticized for promoting an anti-LGBTQ event designed to help “protect” kids during Pride Month, implying that there’s something those children need protection from. In a now-deleted post on their social media accounts, the evangelical Christian church advertised a webinar between Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh and […]

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Florida civics teachers are being indoctrinated with Christian nationalism

Reading Time: 4 minutes Florida wants to indoctrinate public school teachers with Christian nationalism in the hopes that they’ll spread the misinformation to their students in the upcoming school year. That’s the clear takeaway based on how teachers are being trained under Gov. Ron DeSantis’ multi-million-dollar “Civics Literacy Excellence Initiative.” Over the summer, ten voluntary three-day training seminars are […]

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A new Republican lie: Biden’s State Dept. wants to ‘promote atheism worldwide’

Reading Time: 5 minutes Today, in a letter addressed to President Joe Biden and the State Department, 15 Congress members on the “Republican Study Committee” claimed the U.S. government is using taxpayer dollars to “promote atheism worldwide.” If that sounds bizarre to you, you’d be right, because that’s not even close to what’s actually happening. Here’s the backstory: In […]

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Atheist sues company that fired him for not coming to daily prayer meetings

Reading Time: 3 minutes A lawsuit filed Monday by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims that two employees at a North Carolina-based company were fired for not participating in the daily Christian prayer meetings. The complaint was filed on behalf of John McGaha (an atheist) and Mackenzie Saunders (an agnostic) against Aurora Pro Services, a company that handles […]

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‘No religion’ is the second-largest faith group in Australia, census shows

Reading Time: 3 minutes The percentage of Australians who have no religious affiliation has jumped from 30.1% in 2016 to an astonishing 38.9% in 2021, marking a rapid shift away from organized religion. That’s one of the major results released by Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, which conducts a census every five years and began releasing 2021 Census data today. […]