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Girl kicked out of Christian school after refusing to take picture in bathtub

Reading Time: 3 minutes A second grader was kicked out of Victory Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Florida after her parents refused to participate in an assignment that involved taking a picture of their child “doing reading homework in bathtub.” When mother Misty Dunham saw the assignment from teacher Irene Castaneda, she wrote a note back to the teacher saying […]

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Prominent atheists claim problem with ‘Jihad Rehab’ film is ‘identity politics’

Reading Time: 6 minutes Jihad Rehab, a new documentary focusing on Islamic extremism, is getting attention and criticism after its recent premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, but some of the most defensive reactions are coming from prominent atheists who refuse to dig into the nuance. The film (now called The UnRedacted) takes place inside a Saudi Arabian rehabilitation […]

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Satanists: Indiana’s extreme abortion ban violates our religious freedom

Reading Time: 3 minutes In early August, Indiana’s Republican Governor Eric Holcomb signed an extreme abortion ban into law. Instead of the 22-week ban previously in place, the new law would prohibit the procedure with very few exceptions. The law went into effect on September 15. That’s when The Satanic Temple went into action, suing the state for violating […]

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Louisiana students were tricked into going to church instead of a college fair

Reading Time: 4 minutes Thousands of high school seniors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana believed they were taking a field trip to a “College & Career Fair,” but they were actually transported to a massive church service called “Day of Hope.” All the warning signs were there but because the students and their families trusted school administrators, or at least […]

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Pastor Greg Locke whines after ‘Shadowland’ filmmaker quotes him accurately

Reading Time: 4 minutes On Wednesday, NBC’s streaming service Peacock released a six-part documentary series called Shadowland in which a team led by filmmaker Joe Berlinger shadows people responsible for and affected by various conspiracy theories. From that vantage point, the show “reveals how conspiracy theories have moved from the margins to the mainstream, exploring how people come to […]

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UMass football team schedules ‘Pride Day’ for game against Liberty U.

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Saturday, October 8, the University of Massachusetts football team will host Liberty University. The game would likely have flown under the radar of most college football fans… if not for the fact that UMass announced over the weekend that the Liberty game will coincide with “Pride Day.” UMass doesn’t have a particularly good football […]

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Oklahoma senator: God rewarded my state for its abortion ban by making it rain

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Friday, during the Pray Vote Stand Summit hosted by Christian hate-group Family Research Council, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford claimed that God showed approval for his state’s extreme abortion ban by… making it rain. Speaking with FRC president Tony Perkins, Lankford insisted the rain was a clear and literal sign from above: PERKINS: … I […]

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Kanye West’s new private Christian school is surrounded by red flags

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rapper Kanye West has opened an unaccredited, under-staffed private Christian school in California, called Donda Academy, that requires parents to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)… and oh my god there’s no way this is going to end well. Rolling Stone has more on the school named after West’s late mother that I assume is entirely […]