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Parents shocked that Christian school will kick out openly LGBTQ students

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Charles Finney School, a private Christian school in New York, recently updated its policies to ban openly LGBTQ students, and some (extremely naïve) parents are in shock that administrators could be so cruel. The biggest changes came in the “lifestyle” section of the student handbook, which spelled out how the school now had the […]

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Yeshiva University shuts down all student clubs to thwart one LGBTQ group

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yeshiva University, a private Orthodox Jewish school with campuses in New York City, has decided to shut down all undergraduate clubs rather than allow an LGBTQ group to meet temporarily. It marks the second time this week that Orthodox Jews are in the news for making the worst possible decisions when they easily could’ve done the bare […]

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Southern Baptist leader: Christians who don’t vote Republican are ‘unfaithful’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Earlier this week, during the “Pray Vote Stand Summit” in Georgia, hosted by Christian hate group Family Research Council, Dr. Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, told the audience that they had a religious obligation to vote a particular way or else they were being “unfaithful” to God. It was a […]

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The ‘Satanic Panic’ is back, ruining lives with baseless accusations

Reading Time: 3 minutes The “Satanic Panic” was a conspiracy theory that really took hold among a certain kind of Christian in the 1980s. Perfectly innocent people were accused of ritualistic child abuse, bad behavior was blamed on the devil, and the modern-day witch hunt ruined countless lives. No evidence ever proved this organized abuse was occurring—certainly not the way […]

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Teacher at Christian school arrested after ‘twerking’ on student at Prom

Reading Time: 3 minutes A teacher at Point of Grace Christian School in Florida was arrested for sexually inappropriate behavior with a child. I’m sorry. That actually occurred several months ago. Let me try that again with a more updated headline. A teacher at Point of Grace Christian School in Florida was arrested for sexually inappropriate behavior with a […]

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Two Christian ranches, meant to help troubled teens, were hotbeds of abuse

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Christian facilities assured parents their troublesome teenagers would receive a much-needed, faith-based rehabilitation if they simply handed over custody and paid a hefty fee. Instead of making things better, though, the Christian ranches became a hotbed of physical and emotional abuse that left the kids far worse off […]

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Catholic League: Relax! Priests’ victims are “adolescents, not children”!

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 2018, the public finally saw a Pennsylvania grand jury’s report into the Catholic Church’s abuses in six dioceses across the state. We learned that more than 300 priests were accused of abusing more than 1,000 children. The stories were absolutely horrific. Many of those priests were dead. Of those who were alive, some couldn’t […]