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The Poor Widdle Heathens in ‘Only God Can’

Reading Time: 9 minutes Hi and welcome back! We saw a movie recently, Only God Can, that covered quite a few tropes in fundagelical thinking. Today, we’ll be covering one of the most-beloved ones of those tropes: the idea that TRUE CHRISTIANS™ are much happier and more functional than poor widdle heathens ever could be. Come to Fundagelical U […]

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Seeking the Winning Team’s Banner

Reading Time: 6 minutes To be an authoritarian Christian is to live in constant, unending, ever-ratcheting-upward fear. They fear so many things! Today, I want to show you another important feature of these folks: their terror of loss. I don’t mean simply loss of objects or people they love, either. They’re also terrified of losing any confrontations in which they find themselves, as well. Here, I’ll show you the lengths to which this fear drives those suffering from it, and how they seek to soothe that fear.

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Taylor Swift’s Bubble.

Reading Time: 13 minutes “You Belong With Me” is a fairy tale about the Purity Myth–and about how conforming to it can win young women what they want. Unfortunately, fairy tales are rarely very in tune with reality.

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Socratic Theatrics.

Reading Time: 10 minutes Not long ago, one of our lovely commenters, ratamacue0, asked me a very good question with regard to the homeschooling post: namely, why I took exception to the weird, twisted form of “Socratic questioning” used in a video made by one of these religious-zealot homeschooling outfits. This type of questioning, called the Socratic method, involves […]

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The Dirty Secret of Religious Homeschooling.

Reading Time: 10 minutes There really do seem like two approaches to homeschooling now. In one, parents who are very concerned about the individual needs of their children–or about a lackluster local school district–pull their kids out of school to teach them at home. It’s not done to insulate their children but rather to help them in a way […]

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Leaping from Floe to Floe.

Reading Time: 8 minutes Our dear friend Charles at Skeptic Journey has brought something up that I wanted to talk about today: the growing sense of flailing that I get from modern Christian organizations as they try to stem the tide of apostates and attract new members to their groups. A long time ago, I worked for a call […]

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