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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

When bad religion reigns

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton publicly declared his fervent desire to arrest consenting adults who engage in non-procreative sex. And he just may get to do so in the near future, given Supreme Court Justice Thomas’s stated intention to revisit Lawrence v. Texas, the 2003 ruling that rendered sodomy laws unconstitutional nationwide.  What […]

Posted inReligious News

Charity founded by Islamic hate preacher has been shut down in the UK

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Islamic Research Foundation International (IRFI)— registered in the UK in 2007 with the aim of “advancing the faith and religious practices of Islam”—was shut down earlier this month after several run-ins with charity and broadcasting regulators. This move has been lauded by those who have tried for years to silence the hate speech emanating […]

Posted inLGBTQ News

Teachers at UK Catholic school vote to strike after gay author’s speaking ban

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last month a campaign by Christian homophobes, supported by a Muslim psychologist, succeeded in having Simon James Green, an award-winning British writer LGBT+ fiction, banned from addressing pupils at two Catholic schools. According to Church Militant, Green intended discussing one of his books, Noah Can’t Even, which it claims is “blasphemous” and akin to “child […]

Posted inReligious News

Mr Feucht: Using your daughter to fuel your hatred of LGBT+ people is disgusting

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are few things that annoy me more than seeing kids being exploited by right-wing Christian fundamentalists to boost their agendas, something Let Us Worship Founder Sean Feucht—an ardent Trump supporter and plague rat—did at a rally outside Disney’s studios in Burbank, California. According to Christianity Daily, Feucht asked his daughter Keturah (11, above) to […]

Posted inNews

Kentucky bigot turned on the waterworks for the cameras in 2015. She may have to do so again

Reading Time: 4 minutes More than six years ago, after after being jailed for five days for contempt of court, four times married Davis—then a serving clerk in Kentucky— gave numerous tearful interviews, claiming that her refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay couples David Ermold and David Moore and James Yates and Will Smith had nothing to do […]

Posted inEducation

Banned book lists serve only one purpose: to entrench prejudice and bigotry

Reading Time: 7 minutes Last year Texas lawmaker, Matt Krause got himself noticed by creating a list of 850 books he deemed unsuitable for young readers. The Krause list of “unsuitable material”—including Class Act (2020) by award-winning writer and illustrator Jerry Craft—was distributed to a large number of schools libraries in the state. As a consequence, one school district […]

Posted inLGBTQ News

‘Don’t say gay’ legislation would ban discussion of LGBTQ issues in Florida classrooms

Reading Time: 5 minutes Earlier this month, a Florida House committee approved two bills intended to prevent teachers from talking about LGBTQ issues or people. Equality Florida reported that what is being called “Don’t say gay” legislation will: Stigmatize LGBTQ people, isolate LGBTQ kids, and make teachers fearful of providing a safe, inclusive classroom. It added: This is just […]

Posted inLGBTQ News

Pastor: Canada’s conversion therapy ban will ‘further dismantle Western civilization’

Reading Time: 4 minutes If Pawlawski’s name sounds familiar, it’s because of international publicity he attracted for his defiance of measures introduced in Canada to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. When police broke up one of his services he called them “Nazis.“ Subsequently, Calgary’s “plague rat” pastor at the Street Church and The Cave of Adullam, narrowly escaped jail time […]

Posted inDeath & Dying

A prepaid funeral plan? Over my dead body!

Reading Time: 5 minutes This morning I did a double-take when I read the following sentence: “Despite amazing advances in medical science and technology, the mortality rate for human beings stands at a whopping 100 percent.” I had to read it twice before concluding that someone was having a laugh. A line like that could only be delivered by […]

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