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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inSex & Gender

Milo Yiannopoulos Declares Himself “Ex-Gay”; New Mission Is Conversion Therapy and Devotion to Christ

Reading Time: 3 minutes Milo Yiannopoulos: will nothing about you surprise me any more? You are a shock-jock who gets off on controversy and being contrarian. He has, with the help of being kicked off social media, become increasingly irrelevant.  And I suppose me saying all this plays into his hands… There is something very wrong about embracing conversion […]

Posted inReligion, Sex & Gender

Contraceptive Causality: Natural Law & Sexual Ethics

Reading Time: 7 minutes Gunther Laird has recently written a superb refutation of Natural Law Theory (NLT), as espoused these days by Christian thinkers such as Edward Feser who build upon work of Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle. This kind of worldview underwrites conservative lawmakers who try to utilise NLT to underwrite modern jurisprudence. Therefore, whilst some might see a […]

Posted inNews

Op-ed: ‘Abnormal sex’ and Bishop Morphou Neophytos

Reading Time: 3 minutes Now let me get this straight (pun unintentional), according to Saint Porfyrios and His Grace Bishop Morphou Neophytos, above, women give birth to homosexual sons (what about daughters?) if they have anal sexual relations (presumably with a feller, or should it be felon?) while pregnant. The implications are (ahem!) pregnant with possibilities. Now I am […]

Posted inSex & Gender

Uganda: ‘Kill the Gays’ Law Imposing Death Penalty on Homosexuals

Reading Time: 4 minutes Uganda is one of those countries that has had the unfortunate “privilege” of receiving money and missionaries from the United States. And those missionaries and that money isn’t about making the country a nicer, more cohesive country. It’s not about pulling those communities together. And this has been a long-term strategy. Just imagine going to […]

Posted inGeneral

Wide-Eyed Widdecombe: Science May “Produce an Answer” for the Gays

Reading Time: 3 minutes For those predominantly nonEnglish readers, Ann Widdecombe. Ladies and gentlemen, Ann Widdecombe… I’ll let Wikipedia do the introductions: Ann Noreen Widdecombe (born 4 October 1947) is a British politician[2] and author serving as a Brexit PartyMember of the European Parliament (MEP) for the South West England constituency since 2019. She served as Conservative PartyMember of Parliament (MP) for Maidstone from 1987 to 1997 and for Maidstone and […]

Posted inNews

Op-ed: Log Cabin Republicans have a queer view of equality

Reading Time: 4 minutes Log Cabin Republicans are a deluded group who work to persuade their fellow Republicans not to be homophobic, as one might try to persuade bank robbers not to rob banks. As Falstaff put it, ‘Why, Hal, ’tis my vocation, Hal. ‘Tis no sin for a man to labor in his vocation.’ It’s Republicans’ vocation to […]

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