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Will Our Humanist Wedding Be Meaningful?  

Reading Time: 4 minutes Here is an article from a humanist I know who is fairly local to me (who booked me for my talk on the Nativity for the Chichester Humanists), talking about his wedding to his fiancé. I am excited for them both, though there are frustrations with the system in the UK, and the geographical disparities […]

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Humanists Raise Awareness of the Nonreligious Latinx Community

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is from the American Humanist Association: Today, the Latinx Humanist Alliance (LHA) officially launches the 1 in 5 campaign, which strives to raise awareness of the growing nonreligious Latinx population in the US. This marks the second year of this campaign, which initially launched in 2019 upon the creation of the LHA. “This campaign is […]

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Humanists Launch Project to Uplift Marginalized Writers

Reading Time: 2 minutes From the American Humanist Association: Today, the American Humanist Association (AHA) launches the Call for Voices project, which strives to increase the visibility of historically marginalized writers. This project was piloted in 2020 by the Feminist Humanist Alliance and LGBTQ Humanist Alliance and will now be a part of the AHA’s ongoing programs. The AHA will […]

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American Humanist Association Board Statement Withdrawing Honor from Richard Dawkins

Reading Time: < 1 minute I guess Dawkins has a bit of the Twitter-jitters about him, rather like you-know-who. This is from the American Humanist Association: Established in 1953, the Humanist of the Year Award is conferred annually by the American Humanist Association (AHA), recognizing the awardee as an exemplar of humanist values. Communication of scientific concepts to the public […]

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Longtime Executive Director of the American Humanist Association to Step Down, Calls for New Leadership

Reading Time: 3 minutes From the AHA: Roy Speckhardt announced that he will be leaving his position as American Humanist Association Executive Director by the fall of 2021 Speckhardt, who joined the American Humanist Association (“AHA”) staff 20 years ago and was appointed Executive Director in 2005, says his decision to open his position for a new voice is […]

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Humanism and Witchcraft: Not Seeing God in Africa

Reading Time: 8 minutes Here is an excerpt from a chapter in a previous anthology of mine with chapters from writers here at Patheos Nonreligious (Not Seeing God: Atheism in the 21st Century) [UK here]. This chapter is by Warren Alan Tidwell (Kudzu in the Pines). It is not the whole chapter, but gives you a taste. Humanist Service and the Problem of Witchcraft […]

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Tonight: Openly Agnostic and Running for Local Office in an Area Targeted by Religious Extremists for Decades

Reading Time: 2 minutes Tonight, the American Humanist Association (AHA) will host an event featuring recorded remarks from successful candidate and now elected member of the Fairfax County School Board Karl Frisch, followed by a live question and answer portion with Center for Freethought Equality’s Political and PAC Coordinator Ron Millar. This event is part of the AHA’s Speaking of Humanism monthly […]

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Humanist PAC Marks Gains for Atheists and Freethinkers – and Hope for All Americans in Future Elections

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Washington, D.C., November 5, 2020) – While freethought leaders hoped for more progress this election toward a safer, saner, stronger America, they view the very close and mixed results as a call for greater participation in the electoral process by the atheist and humanist community. “Sadly, this election shows that a substantial number of Americans continue to […]

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Fantastic Interview with Harmonic Atheist

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is perhaps my favourite interview I have been involved with and hats off to Tim Mills (having recently deconverted some 13 months ago) for facilitating a great chat here. It’s a big old, wide-ranging interview but I think it’s worth a listen (you might want to do it in chunks!). Of course. Not that […]

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