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Moral war, a contradiction of terms

Reading Time: 18 minutes Humans are very good at acting self-righteously whether or not we believe that an actual god is on our side. Unfortunately, we all have the ability to rationalize most any conduct on “our” side as legitimate and necessary, while the same from someone else is seen as barbarous and deserving of swift, sweeping reprisal.

Posted inWar and Peace

The ethical quagmire of Jenin, for all of us

Reading Time: 6 minutes As I noted in a four-part series on Israel and the West, writing on Middle Eastern conflict is plagued by the immediate search for bias, with which to dismiss any competing intel from “the other side”. Al Jazeera will always report with certain priorities. The Times of Israel will report with others. And as situations […]

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Supporting the people of Ukraine, one pizza at a time

Reading Time: 7 minutes The team drives through the decimated streets of Kharkiv, intent on their mission. Their armored car passes rubble from the pock-marked buildings, shattered by the nightly shelling. They are wearing bulletproof vests, as always. Without warning, shells fall from the sky, exploding all around their vehicle. Amazingly, the crew gets through intact. Is this a […]

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