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Grace Chapel Megachurch: A Mutiny of Their Own

Reading Time: 10 minutes Sarah Berger, the wife of Grace Chapel’s former high priest lead pastor, Steve Berger, grabbed the mic to rant at length about how her husband had been hard-done-by in the change in leadership. In her rant, though, Sarah Berger said something that really caught my eye. Today, let me show you how an authoritarian leader pulls rank to force compliance from followers.

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Evangelical Men’s Anger: The Visualization Process That Can’t Heal It

Reading Time: 6 minutes Last week, we touched on the anger of white evangelical men. There sure does seem to be a lot of anger there, and it’s only getting worse as white evangelicals’ cultural dominance dissipates. Their leaders’ conventional wisdom for dealing with anger is worse than useless, however. It’s not just because there’s no god in the middle of things making prayers work and whatnot. Rather, it’s because their vaguely-worded, folksy processes can’t actually help with anything real that’s gone seriously wrong. And today, I’ll show you this inadequate tool that white evangelical men have to help with their vast anger.

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Anger in White Evangelical Men: A Hidden Scandal

Reading Time: 9 minutes Yesterday, we talked about Kent Hovind’s recent arrest for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend. At the time, I noted that he’s always seemed like a very typical white evangelical guy: full of anger, entitlement, and control-lust. And yet evangelicals’ own marketing insists that Jesus  heals his followers of anger. So evangelicals’ anger actually functions as a contradiction to their own claims. Today, let me show you how pervasive anger is for evangelical men — and how their leaders try to contain the problem.