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OnlySky is dedicated to protecting America’s secular democracy through reality-based journalism, storytelling, and commentary.

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Posted inReligion

This Just In: The Pope’s Hoping We Forgot Everything.

Reading Time: 2 minutes The leader of the largest organized ring of child molesters on the planet, Pope Francis, says he’s not going to judge gay priests just for being gay. Yep. You heard him. Ain’t that nice of him? Let’s just see how magnanimous this kindhearted reversal really is. * His church helped cover up the pedophilia scandal, […]

Posted inReligion

Redefining Words: Love

Reading Time: 13 minutes Christianity’s been quietly redefining the word “love” to the point where I can’t really be sure that any Christian I talk to who uses that word is actually using it in a way that I would ever recognize.

Posted inGeneral

The Harms of Same-Sex Marriage

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Massachusetts anti-gay group MassResistance isn’t giving up. Even though same-sex marriage has been legal there for nearly 10 years and is supported by a strong majority of the public, they’re still fighting to turn back the clock. And although most people might say that Massachusetts’ failure to become a Sodom and Gomorrah-esque den of […]

Posted inReligion


Reading Time: 6 minutes I want to stop and talk a bit about the idea I mentioned in my last post about compartmentalization. Compartmentalization is what every single one of us does to avoid having to come face-to-face with a painful truth. We block that information away into another part of our minds so we can keep believing something. […]

Posted inReligion

Mike Warnke: A Cult of “Before” Stories

Reading Time: 9 minutes Today, let me show you one of the most devastating things that happened to me when I was Christian. It was how I discovered that my god didn’t mind at all if his followers represented him through lying in flagrantly dishonest ways. It was also how I discovered that one of the most important beliefs my church taught wasn’t true: Jesus didn’t transform people at all.

Posted inGeneral

On Tolerating Intolerance

Reading Time: 3 minutes Zinnia Jones at Freethought Blogs had a great post last week exposing Matt Moore, an evangelical and so-called “ex-gay” who loudly boasted that Jesus had cured him of homosexuality. It turns out the cure wasn’t exactly complete, since Moore had an active profile on the gay hookup site Grindr. When confronted with the evidence of […]

Posted inGeneral

Weekend Coffee: October 21

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some links from the last week: • As you may have heard, my good friend and awesome secular activist Greta Christina was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. It’s fully treatable, but she needed some help to cover her living expenses while she recovers, and the atheist community came through in spades, meeting and exceeding what she […]

Posted inGeneral

Little-Known Bible Verses: Preachers’ Kids

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of my favorite features of the old site was “Little-Known Bible Verses“, a regular series highlighting frequently overlooked passages from scripture that are immoral, bizarre, or contradict well-established parts of Christian belief. In the past, I’ve discussed verses saying, among other things, that true Christians should greet each other with a kiss (try that […]

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