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Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin: ‘Christ will reign’ if I’m elected governor

Reading Time: 2 minutes For over a year now, Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin has been broadcasting her Christian nationalist fantasies to the nation. She’s publicly spread COVID misinformation, promoted pseudoscientific responses to the virus, and publicly condemned the mild restrictions placed by Gov. Brad Little (a fellow Republican) — and she’s done all this in the name of […]

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Charlie Shepherd and the Idaho Republicans Seeking Their Republic of Gilead

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hi and welcome back! This past week, an Idaho House Republican, Charlie Shepherd (R-Pollock), offered Idahoans a few choice words about why he’d rejected federal education grants for early childhood education. And then later, he lied about what he’d said and why. Of course, the money’s still gone, and Shepherd’s doing his level best to eviscerate […]

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Owen Benjamin and His Personal Army (Collided With Reality)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, Patreon deplatformed an alt-right guy named Owen Benjamin. He decided to hit back at them in a novel way that has backfired in not only his own face but those of the fanboys who decided to act as his personal army. Today, let me show you what happens when someone’s personal army turns out to be the Persians, not the Spartans.

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The Idaho Earthquake Is NOT A Sign of the Endtimes, Sorry

Reading Time: 7 minutes Just as I was wrapping up my post yesterday evening, my state experienced a very strong earthquake. Immediately, fundagelicals leapt into action by declaring it a sign of the Endtimes. Today, let me show you a little bit about what this prediction involves, why fundagelicals keep making failed predictions like it, and what’s really going on here.

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Lord Snow Presides Over Idaho’s Bigotry–Again. (LSP #43)

Reading Time: 7 minutes Idaho seems dead-set on becoming America’s most regressive state. This past decade, they’ve been fighting states like Indiana and Kentucky for a position at the bottom of every ranking of functionality that a society can possibly have. So I’m about ready to hear about an epic WIN, aren’t you? Today Lord Snow Presides over love winning, again.

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Jesus Sure Changes People: Douglas Wilson Edition.

Reading Time: 11 minutes You can see the divine Jesus Aura illuminating this man’s life and see for yourself how amazingly transformed he’s been by the love of his god. Friends, marvel as I present to you: Douglas Wilson, the TRUE CHRISTIAN™ who’ll change your mind about the effectiveness of fundagelical doctrines.