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Christian Parenting Advice: Deliberately Overflow Your Child’s Faith Pool

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! As you likely know, Christians these days are quite distressed over how quickly teens and young adults are leaving the faith. One guy’s written what he claims will absolutely help parents keep their kids Christian for life. It amounts to instructions for the deliberate construction of a faith pool in a child’s mind. […]

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Natasha Crain’s Horrible Christian Parenting Advice

Reading Time: 9 minutes Natasha Crain occupies one specific niche within that industry, too: apologetics aimed at Christian parents seeking to keep their kids indoctrinated for life. But like all apologists do, she offers suggestions that can’t possibly work, and she does so with the rock-steady assurance that comes from knowing that her target market will never figure that fact out.

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The Broken System: Change From Within (Is Impossible)

Reading Time: 11 minutes Through members’ own effort, goes the logic, they can return the system to its original values, even get it moving again toward its stated goals. But this teaching is as wrong as wrong could ever possibly be. If anything, this teaching is even more wrong than the supernatural claims made in service to that primary mandate.