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What makes ‘skeptical’ kids grow up to be God-believing adults?

Reading Time: 8 minutes If kids are the savvy, skeptical creatures that Will Gervais proposes in his recent essay, why do endless hordes of them in each generation turn into conservative American adults who uncritically worship invisible gods with zero objective verification? And what makes these same supposedly mature folks end up uncritically adoring visible but damaged demigods on […]

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Is religion rooted in childhood gullibility?

Reading Time: 13 minutes The vast majority of people who ever lived have believed in the existence of one god or another. What are the evolutionary forces that made our species—and our species alone—a religious one? Evolutionary thinkers have spilled much ink trying to answer questions like this. Some answers have proven to be much more successful than others. […]

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 ‘Scientology, The Aftermath’: A reminder that ‘religious freedom’ can be dangerous

Reading Time: 7 minutes After I recently finished watching the Emmy-winning 2016-2019 A&E docuseries, “Leah Remini: Scientology and The Aftermath,” I was further convinced of how supremely dangerous the concept of “religious freedom” can be as practiced in America, as I stressed in my 2018 book, Holy Smoke: How Christianity Smothered the True American Dream. And expensive. Remini’s series […]

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My 6-year-old’s best friend invited him to church—and the church paid him to do it

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last weekend, my youngest son invited his best friend to come over and play. They had a great time. They played video games, built some Lego creations, and somehow made enough slamming and banging noises throughout the house to make me think we invited his entire first-grade class over. But when they took a break […]

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Christian Parenting Advice: Deliberately Overflow Your Child’s Faith Pool

Reading Time: 7 minutes Hi and welcome back! As you likely know, Christians these days are quite distressed over how quickly teens and young adults are leaving the faith. One guy’s written what he claims will absolutely help parents keep their kids Christian for life. It amounts to instructions for the deliberate construction of a faith pool in a child’s mind. […]

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