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Interview: Content and Philosophy with Jonathan MS Pearce

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fellow OnlySky author Jonathan MS Pearce is a philosopher, author, columnist, and public speaker with an interest in writing about almost anything, from skepticism to science, politics, and morality, to the environment, because everything is philosophy. Guest: Jonathan MS Pearce He is also the author of several books, including Beyond An Absence of Faith: Stories […]

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The price of war: Ukrainian refugees get aid from The Satanic Temple

Reading Time: 6 minutes While the conflict over Ukraine continues to cripple Europe with both political and refugee crises, displaced refugees include a diverse group of Ukrainian nationals. This includes Christians, secularists, Muslims, and members of other religious traditions including Satanism. While it is taken for granted that larger religious organizations will be offering aid to members of their […]

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Christian nationalism in 2022: An interview with Katherine Stewart

Reading Time: 9 minutes Religious freedom advocate Katherine Stewart, author of The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism, has been writing about politics, policy, education, and church-state relations for over a decade. The Power Worshippers won first place in the Excellence in Nonfiction Books category from the Religion News Association as well as the Morris D. […]

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Randy Faust: Dark art of drawing

Reading Time: < 1 minute Randy Faust is an artist and Satanist whose show The Dark Art of Drawing is available on (TSTTV). Satanic art interview This week on ONP Jack sits down with artist and Satanist Randy Faust for a wide-ranging conversation about art, religion, business, and more. Randy’s work has been featured recently in Jason Lennox’s Satanic […]

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Pipes and pints, rabbit holes and warrens: An interview with Jonathan MS Pearce

Reading Time: 16 minutes “I don’t get out much. I could use the excuse of the pandemic. Or my multiple sclerosis. But the truth is, the beach is only just down the road and I’m lazy. No, not lazy…obsessed. Obsessive.” Jonathan MS Pearce, sporting his anachronistic and somewhat iconoclastic mutton chop sideburns, offers me into his suburban house just […]

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Interview: Rogiérs Fibby on the demonization of African culture in the West Indies

Reading Time: < 1 minute International artist, singer-songwriter Rogiérs Fibby grew up on St. Croix before moving to Washington D.C., where he is a member of Black Nonbelievers DC. We talked with Rogiérs about attempts by Christian slavers to suppress the indigenous culture and music of slaves, and how African traditions persisted and evolved for those living under slavery in […]

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Interview: Andy Hall on secularism and comedy

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week we’re debuting ONP:Breakpoint, an evolution of my show “An Ongoing and Necessary Pursuit”. I did two seasons of over at The Satanic Temple TV. This premiere episode features OnlySky’s own resident funnyman Andy Hall. Andy Hall: Secularism Satirist OnlySky columnist Andy Hall (also YouTube’s Laughing in Disbelief) discusses using satire to short-circuit fallacious […]

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Fantastic Interview with Harmonic Atheist

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is perhaps my favourite interview I have been involved with and hats off to Tim Mills (having recently deconverted some 13 months ago) for facilitating a great chat here. It’s a big old, wide-ranging interview but I think it’s worth a listen (you might want to do it in chunks!). Of course. Not that […]

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