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Alan Duval to Interview Progressive Christian Brian McLaren

Reading Time: < 1 minute Coming soon, I (Alan Duval) will be interviewing progressive Christian, former Evangelical pastor, and vocal part of the emerging church movement, Brian McLaren. McLaren is an interesting figure in progressive Christianity, not least because one seldom hears the words “progressive” and “evangelical” in the same sentence, and when you do, one is seldom in reference […]

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My Interview on the Naked Diner Podcast here for your Listening Pleasure

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was recently interviewed on the fab Naked Diner podcast. The interview, as with whenever I talk, goes around the houses and covers a multitude of subjects from zombies to personal identity, US to UK politics, morality to parenting and Santa. Please, please check it out, download it, subscribe to it. At the very least, […]

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My Interview of Counter Apologist

Reading Time: < 1 minute Counter Apologist is a blogger with a lot of sensible stuff to say, and has contributed a deconversion account that was expanded for my recent book of deconversion accounts, Beyond an Absence of Faith. Counter Apologist has recently contributed a chapter to my upcoming book on the Kalam Cosmological Argument, for which I am very grateful. […]

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A Tippling Philosopher Interviews Dr Caleb Lack

Reading Time: < 1 minute So Dr Caleb Lack, a fellow SINner, and I had a chat a few weeks back. It is due to go out as a Skepticule Extra podcast, but since there have been a few delays, I am putting it out here first. It was a really enjoyable chat / interview, covering cognitive biases, atheism and god. We had a great time and hopefully there will be a second part, or Caleb interviewing me. Any excuse for a chinwag.

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