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ISIS “have*something* to do with Islam”

Reading Time: 2 minutes There are claims and counter claims that ISIS represent Islam more truthfully, or, indeed, have nothing to do with Islam and are in no way representative of the true (perhaps peaceful) tenets of Islam. I have often been involved in such wranglings. Maajid Nawaz, an ex-radical who now works hard, with Quilliam, to tackle radicalisation, bridges […]

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“Raqqa is being slaughtered silently” – A Must Watch

Reading Time: < 1 minute BBC Newsnight featured this incredible video last night which documents the struggle of a few committed journalists in Raqqa who initially fought against the President, but now fight, many in exile, against the impositions of ISIS. It moved me enough to post it here. Powerful, evocative and fascinating. Life can be really shitty for so […]

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Former Yazidi Sex Slaves Form All-Female Battalion ‘Sun Ladies’ to Launch Assault on ISIS

Reading Time: 2 minutes In an interesting devlopment, former Yazidi sex slaves have taken to revenge in forming an all-female battalion to fight their oppressors. As Alalam reports: Hundreds of former ISIS sex slaves have joined an all-female battalion to launch a massive assault against their abusers in Iraq. The Yazidi women – who call themselves the ‘Force of […]

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UN Reports on “Staggering” ISIS Violence

Reading Time: 3 minutes Yes, this is no surprise. But the extent, the sheer volume, of the violence, and the “creativity” enlisted in committing it, is mind-blowing. Some 3,500 people are reported as being enslaved in Iraq alone. The UN has just released a report on the violence committed by ISIS, and one must remember that there are many, […]

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“True Islam” and violent extremism – redux

Reading Time: 19 minutes I am reposting this in response to the terror attacks in France last night, resulting in the deaths of over one hundred people. As ever, the internet is awash with right-wing shouts to “kill all Muslims” and refugees, to the left-wing shouts that it is the Imperial West to blame and not Islam or Muslims. Neither of these positions are correct. It is obviously thoroughly complex, indeed involving international politics. However, to deny the Qu’ran, Muhammad and the Hadith causal responsibility in these atrocities is to deny the self-determination of those very terrorists who claim that they are doing these actions in the name of Islam and their god.

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Quote of the Day – Evan T on ISIS

Reading Time: < 1 minute Evan T made this incisive comment: I wonder when the UN is going to get off their collective asses and decide to do something. Or does ISIS first have to occupy some major oil producing facility? History is finite; every single piece we lose, we can never recover. We’ve already lost so much to ideological […]

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