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Jesus was ‘woke’: Historical figures who have moved humanity forward

Reading Time: 4 minutes When we use the word “woke,” we’re suggesting a sense of wakefulness, alertness, vigilance, and watchfulness. It’s a metaphor of self-designation for those who possess a certain kind of moral acuity. Those on the political Right who oppose what they call “The Woke Left” might embrace numerous other metaphors to signify their own ethical perception, for instance: The Somnolent […]

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If Jesus was a man, why does he never do anything wrong?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Christians like circles. Especially arguing in them. I have just started reading the late biblical scholar Hector Avalos’ recent book Slavery, Abolitionism, and the Ethics of Biblical Scholarship. In the introduction, he points out a startlingly obvious and yet incredibly important observation. “My project actually began with a puzzling experience,” he writes. “If one reads […]

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This pastor wants you to get high and find Jesus

Reading Time: 2 minutes Winter solstice, spring equinox, virgin birth, holiday trees, morality—all examples of things that predate Christianity but have been taken over, adopted, or encroached upon by Christians. Guess what… they’re not quite finished yet. Pastor Craig Gross, once known as the “porn pastor” who founded an anti-pornography church called XXX Church, has his sights set on […]

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Joe Biden delays student loan repayment and Republican Jesus cries ‘Socialism!’

Reading Time: 2 minutes WASHINGTON DC – Republican Jesus turned over at least seven tables and shot several chairs with his AR-15 on the Senate floor when he found out President Joe Biden plans to delay student loan repayment yet again. As the Son-of-God of the GOP conducted his rampage many Democrat and Republican senators remarked, “We should’ve seen […]

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Taking a rain check on Jesus

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Good afternoon sir, nice weather for this time of the year”, says the squinty-eyed old geezer clutching a Jesus sign and wearing a shoes that look like empanadas. “Sure is,” I reply guardedly, “is there anything I can help you with?” He forces a smile, and introduces himself as Bob Hutton, an evangelist from Kent […]